Devil's Haircut

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"Devil's Haircut"
Devil's Haircut cover
Spoken Word by Ash
Album I Only Want to Be With You
Released 1997
Length 1:02
Label Barbie Records
Status Officially released
I Only Want to Be With You track listing
"I Only Want to Be With You"
"Devil's Haircut"
"Kung Fu (Live At Reading Festival, 26th August 1996)"

"Devil's Haircut" is a song by Ash.


  • "I Only Want to Be With You" (7" vinyl; 1997)
  • Teenage Wildlife: 25 Years of Ash (CD, vinyl; 2020)


"Devil's Haircut" was released in 1997 as a hidden track on the 7" vinyl single of "I Only Want to Be With You" by Ash. "Devil's Haircut" is not actually a song, but instead a recorded phone message left by Brian Bell for Ash lead Tim Wheeler, discussing local businesses in Los Angeles, California that Wheeler could get a haircut at. The message was left at Wheeler's hotel room while Ash was supporting Weezer on the first North American leg of the Pinkerton Tour. The exact time of the message can be placed sometime on or around December 21, 1996, as that was the day both bands performed together at the Palace Theater in Los Angeles, California.

The track was reissued in 2020 again as a hidden track of the Ash compilation Teenage Wildlife: 25 Years of Ash.



Welcome to the Hyatt message center, mailbox 7607.
You have no unplayed messages in your mailbox.
One saved message, 11:38 AM.

Hey Tim, this is Brian Bell from Weezer.
Um, bad news, um, my guy is not working today, he’s on a video shoot.
Um, and he won’t be in 'till Tuesday.
Um, Matt gets his hair cut at a place called Gothic.
It’s on Sunset, it might be even walking distance for you.
Um, I don’t have the number but it's Gothic, like in uh, gargoyles and draculas.
Um, I can’t uh, say I know anything about it except for Matt’s hair.
So, um, I don’t know.
I’m bummed too, 'cause I wanted to see what you would- you- he was gonna do,
Or you were gonna- or how you were gonna get it cut.
I was really excited about that.
Um, um, oh well, next time.
Uh, your hair will be down to your ass if you wait that long.
But uh, yeah, see you tonight, see ya.

End of message.

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