Diving into the Wreck

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Diving into the Wreck
Diving into the Wreck cover
Studio album by Ren Buffoni
Released August 15, 2019
Genre Alternative rock
Length 50:41

Diving into the Wreck is a concept album by Ren Buffoni. The "sea opera" idea was borrowed from Rivers Cuomo's aborted 2010 "sea opera" concept. The album also borrows melodies published as sheet music in Cuomo's book The Pinkerton Diaries [1]. The title Diving into the Wreck was among Cuomo's considered song titles for the album that would eventually be named Pinkerton.

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Ren Buffoni. 
No. Title Length
1. "Letter from the Admiral"   4:40
2. "A warm reply (From Lady Greensleeves)"   2:17
3. "Paper Boat"   3:13
4. "The Tempest"   3:27
5. "Girl of my dreams"   3:59
6. "Crashing Waves and Smashing Seas"   4:09
7. "Beauty"   2:23
8. "Humming Chorus"   3:01
9. "Sinking Ship"   4:03
10. "I am the Sea"   6:39
11. "Sirens"   4:54
12. "Solace"   7:44
Total length:

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