Entertainment Weekly interview with Mikey Welsh - March 15, 2002

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By Rob Brunner

MIGHTY MORPHIN — In other lost-and-found news, erstwhile Weezer bassist Mickey Welsh has turned up in an ace new Boston-based band fronted by former Mighty Mighty Bosstones guitarist Nate Albert. Dubbed the Kickovers, it's a marked departure from Albert's former ska-punk outfit.

"I wanted to get back to other stuff I like: Dinosaur Jr., Husker Du, the Replacements, Wilco, X," says Albert.

Their debut album, Osaka, is due out April 23 on Fenway, the new label started by ex-Grand Royal poobah Mark Kates.

So what happened with Weezer? Welsh—who disappeared from the band's lineup last year under mysterious circumstances and hadn't been heard from since—won't say too much "for legal reasons," but he isn't pleased.

"I took some time to get some help for something and they basically took off on me, abandoned me," he says. "The way it went down was pretty lame. Being in a band with guys that long and being as good friends as we were, having them just kind of split was definitely cold."