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Faya cover
Studio album by Baby Champ
Released April 10, 2009
Genre Indie
Space Rock
Length 49:38
Label Self Released
Baby Champ chronology

Faya is The second album by Baby Champ. As of July 21, 2021, this album has been remixed, remastered, and rereleased on streaming services.

Faulkner Paragraph

copied from the bandcamp page:

recently discovered, previously unknown faulkner paragraph

the holiest of toast could never burn itself into heaven any quicker or heavier than the baby champ with the release of their double wide album Faya (part I) and Maya (part 2). the hills beyond aversion of all accessible inspiration give way to valleys of better memories, threads and plains, heres and nows, ripe on the old vine yet to grow, and with the faya/maya release, baby champ is here now, atop the hills, forevermore pissing on the valley below. the story of baby champ is the horny of two greek virgins with strong beats. most times record sounds good from heritage with southern gospel and rap/blues (and there's something with the specialness of the specialness of boy!). Bob Fink has smelled like this his whole life, Kenn Shane is not as addicted to airplane glue as most people suppose, and Greg Doyle is pow'rful religious.

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Baby Champ

No. Title Length
1. "Comatose"   3:07
2. "Provisional"   2:01
3. "Artist Farm"   4:38
4. "Motel Rat"   2:36
5. "Temple"   3:03
6. "Palmyra"   2:55
7. "For Sally Mac"   5:04
8. "Low Beams"   3:05
9. "Hair Covers Your Head"   3:06
10. "Mi Viaje Celestial"   2:49
11. "Ceremony"   0:52
12. "Wake Up mother"   2:36
13. "In a Medow"   0:37
14. "Appeal.Appal"   2:04
15. "Hello Bixby Cannibal"   2:44
16. "Heavy Sorry"   3:54
17. "Auto Da Fe"   4:21
Total length:

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