The Fourth World

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The Fourth World
The Fourth World cover
Studio album by Kara's Flowers
Released 1997 (reissued 2004)
Genre Alternative rock
Length 39:30
Label Rerprise/Warner (1997)
Rhino Records (2004)
Professional reviews
Singles from The Fourth World
  1. "Soap Disco (1997)"

The Fourth World is the debut and only album released by Kara's Flowers before the band evolved into Maroon 5.


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The album was originally released in 1997 by the label Reprise/Warner. In the wake of the success of Maroon 5, the label Rhino Records reissued it in 2004. One single was released in conjunction with the album, "Soap Disco".

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Soap Disco"   2:40
2. "Future Kid"   4:44
3. "Myself"   3:05
4. "Oliver"   2:38
5. "The Never Saga"   3:58
6. "Loving the Small Time"   3:32
7. "To Her with Love"   2:52
8. "Sleepy Windbreaker"   3:05
9. "Pantry Queen"   3:46
10. "My Ocean Blue"   3:11
11. "Captain Splendid"   5:59
12. "Buddy 'Two Shoes' Wilson" (Japan bonus track) 2:28
Total length:

All songs written by Kara's Flowers except 5, 8, 9, & 11 by Carmichael/Levine.

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