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The Style Guide is intended to give Weezerpedia a uniform style by making decisions about aspects of language that have more than one answer.

Naming conventions

Band names and titles of songs or albums

In band names and titles of songs or albums, the first and last word in a title should always be capitalized. Additionally, capitalize all words except for:

  • Coordinating conjunctions (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)
  • Prepositions (in, to, over) except when used as a phrasal verb (as in "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams")
  • Articles (an, a, the)
  • The word to when used to form an infinitive.

Also, remember that short verbs (Is, Are, and Do) and pronouns (Me, It, and His) are capitalized. Do not replicate stylized typography in logos and album art, though a redirect may be appropriate (for example, =W=eezer redirects to Weezer).

When necessary, disambiguation should be done using (band), (album), or (song) (such as Welcome to Vas Llegas (album); use further disambiguation only when needed (for example Mykel and Carli (Black Market Flowers song), Mykel and Carli (Weezer song). Unless multiple albums of the same name exist, they do not need to be disambiguated any further. For example Pinkerton (Weezer album) is unnecessary. Self-titled albums may be conveniently linked to using the self-titled template. For example, {{S/T|The Relationship}} will provide you with an italicized link to the band's self-titled album: The Relationship. Disambiguate albums and songs by artist and not by year unless the artist releases multiple albums with the same name. For Weezer's self-titled albums, Weezerpedia differentiates by the color of their album artwork. For example: Weezer (The Blue Album) and Weezer (The Green Album). When a track is not strictly a song (in other words a composition without lyrics, or an instrumental that is not a cover of a song), disambiguation should be done using (composition) or (instrumental).


All titles for movies, books, TV shows, video games, magazines, albums, etc. should be italicized, e.g. Pinkerton. On a wiki, this is done by surrounding the word with two inverted commas.

A song name should not be italicized, but rather put in quotation marks, e.g. "Buddy Holly."


When a person is first mentioned in an article, their full names should be used. Further mentions should be abbreviated to surname only. An exception to this rule would be when distinguishing between multiple people with the same surname (e.g. Rivers and Leaves Cuomo). When using the possessive form of names that end in "s", (e.g. Rivers), a second s should not be added. Add the apostrophe after the original s (e.g. Rivers'). Possessive names can be linked using the Possessive name template (for example, {{PN|Rivers Cuomo}} appears as Rivers Cuomo's.

Creating pages

See [[Main page: Help:Starting a new page]]

Page names should follow Weezerpedia's naming conventions (see above), in regards to word capitalization.

Please make the first appearance of the subject matter in bold (usually the first thing on the page). On a wiki, this is done by surrounding the word(s) with three inverted commas, e.g. '''Rivers Cuomo''' gives you Rivers Cuomo.

Make sure the page isn't orphaned. That is, check what other pages link to it. You check this by clicking 'What Links Here' in the toolbox section to the right of page.

When in doubt, check how another page is formatted.

Section order

While there is no concrete section order which every page must follow, there are general patterns that pages should abide to. If you feel as though a particular section should exist on a page but do not have the material/information to fill it, add the section and include an {{Expand section}} box in order to indicate that relevant info is missing from the article.

Section names should follow the same capitalization as article titles (First word capitalized, following words lowercase besides proper nouns). The name should attempt to accurately summarize what the section is about, and should not include any jokes, references, or unclear wording. Section names should also be as short as possible (E.g., no sentences, such as "How Weezer came up with the song name". Instead, simply put "Inspiration").

All standard articles

With minor exceptions, every article created on the wiki should include:

  • Introduction paragraph
  • ==Overview== (Or a comparable title, such as "History" or "Background")
  • ==See Also==
  • ==External links==
  • ==References==

Song pages

See [[Main page: Help:Creating a song page]]

When creating a page for a specific song, follow the format:

  • Intro paragraph
  • ===Appearances===
  • ==Overview==
  • ==Personnel==
  • ==Audio==
  • ==Lyrics== (When applicable. If there is a song with lyrics that have yet to be transcribed, include the {{Lyrics}} box)
  • ==See also==
  • ==External links==
  • ==References==

Album pages

When creating a page for a specific album, EP, or similar release, follow the format:

  • Intro paragraph
  • ==Overview==
  • ==Reception==
  • ==Track listing== (Include a sub-section for any deluxe/regional versions of the release)
  • ==See also==
  • ==External links==
  • ==References==

Artist pages

When creating a page for a person, artist, or band, follow the format:

  • Intro paragraph
  • ==Overview== (If the artist's connection to Weezer is minor or unclear, title this section "Connection to Weezer")
  • ==Discography==
  • ==See Also==
  • ==External Links==
  • ==References==

General formatting


The format we've chosen to use is Month Day, Year, e.g. September 23, 1972. When adding dates, always link the month and day (in the format of [[Month, Day]]), and separately link the year if it is past 1990.


See [[Main page: Help:Links]]

When writing or editing a page, link everything than can be, or should be linked on the first appearance of a term. Do not link subsequent appearances of the term. Don't be shy in making links. That's the power of the wiki. If a link goes to a page that doesn't exist yet, don't delete the link, build the page instead.


See [[Main page: Help:Categories]]

Every page must contain at least one category. A list of every category in use on the wiki can be seen on the Categories page, and the most common categories can be seen on the Most linked-to categories page. Categories should be placed at the bottom of the page's source code, below all other sections and information.

To link a page to a category, include the link [[Category:{Name}]] at the foot of the page (replacing "{Name}" with the name of the category). It will automatically create and format the categories box. If there is a relevant category that has yet to be used on the wiki, follow the same process (using the new category's title) and it will automatically become a Wanted Category. These are functionally identical to standard categories and will show up on the page's category box.


To cite a source, append to the end of the relevant article passage the citation information within <ref> </ref> tags. Add a References section to the bottom of a page below the article's text body and before the category tags, and simply add the tag <references /> (note the spacing).

Do not use ephemeral webpages as sole sources unless accompanied by an additional archived version of that source, such as:

  • Ideally, a saved version of that webpage using the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine
  • A screenshot of the page if the information is especially volatile, such as in the case of a chatroom or a tweet that is subject to deletion.

Weezerpedia does not require adherence to any particular citation format (MLA, APA, etc.) but citations should be as thorough as possible, including things such as author, title, publishing date, date accessed or archived (if applicable), and URL (if citing a website).

Tables of known song recordings

See Weezerpedia:Known recordings

Utlilize the following format when creating known files. Leave individual fields blank when there is no applicable information. Filenames are automatically formatted, but should be enclosed with the <samp> </samp> tags when mentioned in the Notes field. If a filename contains multiple consecutive spaces or characters that interfere with wiki markup, utilize HTML entities (for spaces, use a non-breaking space: &nbsp;). The first field in the "Known recordings entry" template determines the color of the field. Rows for songs that are in circulation should utilize a green background (aaffaa), songs that are known to exist but are not in circulation should utilize a red background (ffaaaa), and songs that exist as partial recordings should utilize a yellow background (ffffaa). Recordings that are duplicates of other tracks should utilize a gray background (cccccc). Recordings for which the release status cannot be determined should feature no background (leave the field blank). The "Known recordings header" tag automatically categorizes a page with a Category:Known recordings table tag.

{{Known recordings header}}
{{Known recordings entry|ffaaaa|[[Rivers Cuomo]]|Example Song|example_song_1.mp3|[[January 1]], [[2000]]|Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA|3:00|''[[Alone VII: The Green Years]]''|This song does not exist in circulation.}}
{{Known recordings entry|aaffaa|[[Rivers Cuomo]]|Example Song|example_song_2.mp3|[[January 1]], [[2000]]|Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA|2:58|''[[Alone VII: The Green Years]]''|This song exists in circulation.}}
{{Known recordings entry|ffffaa|[[Rivers Cuomo]]|Example Song|example_song_3.mp3|[[January 1]], [[2000]]|Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA|3:20|''[[Alone VII: The Green Years]]''|A partial clip of this song exists in circulation.}}
{{Known recordings entry||[[Rivers Cuomo]]|Example Song|example_song_4.mp3|[[January 1]], [[2000]]|Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA|3:11|''[[Alone VII: The Green Years]]''|This song's circulation status is not verifiable.}}
{{Known recordings entry|cccccc|[[Rivers Cuomo]]|Example Song|example_song_4.mp3|[[January 1]], [[2000]]|Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA|3:20|''[[Alone VII: The Green Years]]''|Duplicate of <samp>example_song_3.mp3</samp>}}
{{Known recordings footer}}
Performer(s) Title Filename Date of recording Recording location Length Appeared on Notes
Rivers Cuomo Example Song example_song_1.mp3 January 1, 2000 Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 3:00 Alone VII: The Green Years This song does not exist in circulation.
Rivers Cuomo Example Song example_song_2.mp3 January 1, 2000 Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 2:58 Alone VII: The Green Years This song exists in circulation.
Rivers Cuomo Example Song example_song_3.mp3 January 1, 2000 Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 3:20 Alone VII: The Green Years A partial clip of this song exists in circulation.
Rivers Cuomo Example Song example_song_4.mp3 January 1, 2000 Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 3:11 Alone VII: The Green Years This song's circulation status is not verifiable.
Rivers Cuomo Example Song example_song_4.mp3 January 1, 2000 Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 3:20 Alone VII: The Green Years Duplicate of example_song_3.mp3
about this table

Uploading images

See [[Main page: Help:Images]]

Regular images

All new images that are uploaded should ideally fit the following guidelines

  1. Images must be relevant. It is assumed that they will be used on an a page somewhere on the wiki (even if that is only your User: page).
  2. Wherever possible, include some kind of time frame. Be sure to put a year in (and a month if possible). For example: Image of Rivers Cuomo recording green c.12/2000.
  3. New images should be added to the appropriate Gallery.

Magazine scans

If you are uploading a Magazine article scan, please be sure to include the magazine and the month/year of the article. There's no need to include the name of the article (as this is fairly worthless when sorting images), but you must include the magazine's name, the year and month, and who the interview is with (if anyone).

Article message boxes

See Weezerpedia:Article message boxes

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