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FunkDiggityFresh.com interview with Karl Koch - June 14, 2004

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Weezerfied: An Interview with Karl Koch
By Joshua
June 14, 2004

Who is Karl Koch? Well, that's a very simple question and I shall answer it with a very simple answer: Sir Karl Koch is the webmaster of weezer.com (the band's official website), close friend to the band Weezer, as well as their photographer; compiled & directed & edited & produced the official Weezer DVD (Video Capture Device: Treasures from the Vault 1991-2002); archivist of everything Weezer; and has been with them every step of the way since 1991 to present day. He's like the 5th member of Weezer.

Buckle up.

FunkDiggityFresh: Alright, first off a generic question: what was your biggest thrill when putting together the kickass(because it is) DVD for the band?

Karl: The feeling that I was going to be able to share some stuff that was totally unknown to the fans, or at least not easy to find. I loved the feeling of having the "keys to the kingdom" and being able to parcel out some good stuff to those who would be stoked about it. That having been said, there is easily 4 more DVDs worth of other stuff that either wasn't legally OK to use, or didn't turn up till too late, or what have you. What don't have you actually, heh heh.)

FDF: Who is the most funktastic person you know?

Karl: I'm not sure if any of the people I personally know are particularly "funktastic". If I was friends with Cut Chemist or someone like that, I'd say him. My friends are more rocktastic, and I'd hate to be quoted saying one was the most rocktastic.

FDF: How do you like FunkDiggityFresh? (Could we quote you on this for the site?)

Karl: FunkDiggityFresh is a fine example of taking full advantage of the journalistic freedom that the net allows. Keep it up!

[Hey, that's almost a compliment! - Viper]

FDF: What was your favorite b-side on The Blue Album Deluxe?

Karl: "Lullabye for Wayne," unless you meant b-side strictly, in which case, I guess "Jamie."

FDF: Have a favorite band moment? Something that wasn't on the DVD?

Karl: There was almost another easter egg, called "The Madness of Stoner" - it was footage I shot at our apartment (on Stoner Ave.) in 1991, even before Weezer. First I had to edit it down because Wilson was singing all these cover songs and we couldn't have that in there, which killed half the funny parts. Then the whole thing was axed for being just "too freaking weird". Which it definitely was, I guess. There was loud thigh slapping, ballet dancing, ice cream trucks, pseudo-mystical claptrap, mild nudity...

FDF: Best Weezer video?

Karl: Either "Undone" or "Buddy Holly," I'd say for sheer overall merit.

FDF: Best non-Weezer video?

Karl: Can't say just one. For this week, howabout Johnny Cash - "Hurt," White Stripes - "Hardest Button," Usher - "Yeah!" (though the song makes me unhappy, it looks so intense).

FDF: What were some [things] you wanted to include on the DVD but didn't have the: A)Budget, or B)couldn't find?

Karl: I was hoping for a second disc, with most of a full concert from 2002. But we didn't do an official shoot, so it would have to be a patched together thing with questionable sound. We have dozens of full shows on video, that either I shot or the venue shot for the "Jumbotrons". But you can't use the Jumbotron footage without paying through the nose to the venue. Also, it seems all the early "Matt era" live footage has pretty much turned up, like that Swedish festival, etc., and everyone already has it via downloading, and the footage doesn't look or sound too good.

FDF: If Weezer was a candy bar, which candy bar would it be?

Karl: A Crunchie bar (from UK), or a Crunky bar (from Japan).

FDF: The Blue Album Deluxe is a killer, a great added bonus to my personal favorite CD of all-time. Could we be looking forward to a Pinkerton Deluxe in 2006? How 'bout a deluxe Green Album in 2011?

Karl: I'm all for a Pinkerton, assuming Rivers doesn't mind more of his '95-'96 demos coming out, but I doubt the Green will ever happen.

FDF: How funny is Pat? He's hilarious on the DVD. But how funny is he really? Out of 10...

Karl: Solid 10. He's funny just sitting there. He plays the guitar, and it's funny. Dude's funny. It's funny.

FDF: The "Say it Ain't So" live performance on Letterman is in my opinion the best part of the entire DVD. What else would you have included on there? Anything to top that?

Karl: I did want the other live TV stuff: 120 Mins Live performance, Conan '94, Conan '01, SNL '01, Letterman (the recent one), but each show costs a ton to get the DVD rights to, so we had to choose just one, of which, that was the best, I think. This is also why there's not much old interview stuff, all those TV shows want a piece of the action.

FDF: What can we fans expect from Album 5?

Karl: Really really strong songwriting for sure. Very thoughtful. Other than that, it's hard to say.

FDF: How did the members of the band react to the DVD and the deluxe Blue Album?

Karl: Pretty casually. I know that they were pleased that they did well, and appreciated the work that went into them. From their perspective, it's not like they're gonna sit down and relive their own past all the time. They know it was really for the fans.

FDF: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for Weezer 20 years down the road?

Karl: I hope so. They already have our old "flying W".

FDF: Could I get a free Weezer t-shirt perhaps? Maybe a Weezer poster by chance? (Aha, I'm just kidding). Thanks for the participation in this wacky interview!

Karl: Do we even have posters now? We need a new tour to freshen up the merchandise line!

And there you have it folks, you heard it here. Special thanks to Mr. Karl Koch and his Crunky bar from Japan.