Give Me Strength interview with Patrick Wilson - April 2000

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Interview with Pat Wilson by Josh Frank and Darin Ranahan in April 2000.

Give Me Strength: Can you tell us about the different bands you are in and have been in?

Pat: I am in The Special Goodness and Weezer and a bunch of other bands that no one is ever gonna hear about because I will never bring them up.

GMS: Why did you decide to form the band The Special Goodness after being in the successful band Weezer?

Pat: To try and push my songs into Weezer is a little weird because I feel I should play guitar and it wouldn't really work to well if I was playing drums. I don't want to be like Night Ranger or Earth or a band like that.

GMS: Has being in bands become a full time job?

Pat: In what way do you mean? Like in a bad way like "ahh I gotta go to work?"

GMS: Do you have another job or are you always touring...?

Pat: Well, this is our second tour. I would say it is a full time job.

GMS: You have new CDs coming out for The Special Goodness and Weezer. How are those coming along, and what can we expect?

Pat: All of the above are works in progress. Weezer is gonna rehearse at the end of this month. I don't know when we are gonna make another recording but I think it is going to be pretty soon.

GMS: Is it true that the new Weezer CD got delayed because Rivers got braces?

Pat: I cant imagine that would be the case. I know he got braces. He did an interview on and he said, "The record is delayed because I got braces." I don't know? That's what he said, but I am not gonna say no and enthusiastically get behind his version of the events. Maybe its true. Maybe he can't sing. I haven't talked to him in so long.

GMS: How is it going back and forth between a band with such publicity to an indie rock band?

Pat: Its not that much different. Its just a matter of scale.

GMS: Which do you like more?

Pat: Its been so long since we've played in Weezer so I don't remember what that's like. I am enjoying this more now. Musically I like this band much more because obviously I have more fun playing guitar and singing.

GMS: How do you contribute to the song writing process of your bands?

Pat: I write all the songs.

GMS: You did a brief stay with The Rentals. Why did you decide to move on from that?

Pat: The thing that nobody knows about The Rentals is that it just started out as Matt saying, "Hey I have some songs." He didn't have a record deal or anything. Then we recorded his first record and then he got a big huge record deal. All I did was show up for three days and play drums. That was my extent of being a Rental, and then I sat in the video. No that you bring it up I think I am going to have to sue Matt because I think I am more important than what he paid me. Just kidding.

GMS: I heard that Weezer has gone through a lineup change, can you talk about that?

Pat: Mikey is the new bass player for Weezer. Matt is not the bass player now.

GMS: When the new Weezer CD comes out, are you going to keep The Special Goodness going, or are you going to take a break?

Pat: I want to do both at the same time. I think that would be cool. I would like to open for Weezer.

GMS: Do you have any touring plans for either band after the Special Goodness tour?

Pat: No.

GMS: Do you have any interesting tour stories that stick out in your mind?

Pat: I have a story about Brian that makes me laugh. He called the other day and said...What was the story? He goes, "I scratched my esophagus on a piece of toast." There's Brian for ya. He doesn't know if he can sing, but he is gonna try.

GMS: What are your favorite Weezer and Special Goodness songs?

Pat: I can't say. I really can't look at it like that.

GMS: What have been your major musical influences?

Pat: Probably the Smiths. I like The Beatles. You know, the same old shit that everybody else says. Black Sabbath.

GMS: If you weren't a musician what do you think you would be?

Pat: A loser probably. I don't know. I would probably be trying to figure out Linux networks and computer bull shit.

GMS: Do you feel successful in what you have done in your music and beyond that?

Pat: No I don't. I don't feel successful at all. I wish I did. I feel pretty successful. I fee lucky. I don't feel successful. Like if you won the lottery, you would feel lucky, not successful.

GMS: Have you ever heard any interesting rumors involving you or any of your bands?

Pat: I can't think of any now. I guess the one that Rivers can't sing because of his braces.

GMS: Any last words?

Pat: Keep on rockin'.