Hello, Hello

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"Hello, Hello"
Hello, Hello cover
album track by The Rentals
Album Seven More Minutes
Released April 13, 1999
Recorded Drive By Studios (Los Angeles), 1998
Length 4:17
Label Warner Brothers
Writer(s) Matt Sharp
Producer(s) Matt Sharp
Status Officially released
Seven More Minutes track listing
"Getting By"
"Hello, Hello"
"She Says It's Alright"

"Hello, Hello" (originally titled "Hello, Hello, Hello") is the second track on The Rentals' 1999 album Seven More Minutes.


As with all tracks on Seven More Minutes, "Hello, Hello" was written by Matt Sharp while spending time in Barcelona, Spain.[1] An early title of the song was "Hello, Hello, Hello", as evident from a lyrics sheet written by Sharp. It was released as the B-side to "Getting By" on its cassette release, which used a rough mix with additional vocals from Petra Haden.[2]




Hello, hello, hello, hello
You know it's good to see you here again
To be back with my friends
Where the work's not hard
And the century is closing down
I'm not sure what we've got
We really don't need a lot, hello hello

I made a lot of mistakes that bare a heavy heavy weight that I'm ashamed of
And I need to get through to something new where I'm not alone

Where everybody knows everybody loves you everybody says
This is your home

Keep coming back to forget, to forget about the things I've done
It's the one place nobody cares I know where I can go

Trying to shake all responsibility
Repeating that it don't mean much to me
Staying out of my head all day
Don't want to go back
Don't want to have to face it all
All those disappointments that I've made


Don't let me go, hello, hello, hello
You know it's good to see you here again
To be back with my friends
Don't let me go, hello, hello, hello
You know I wanna stay here with my friends
Stay here 'til the end, don't let me go

Don't let me go, hello, hello
Don't let me go, hello

The century is closing down, the century is closing down

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