Hey, Hey, Hey

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"Hey, Hey, Hey"
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Recorded 1999
Length 1:44
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 313
COR# 10
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"Kitty Pettin'"
(RC# 312)
"Hey, Hey, Hey"
(RC# 313)
"She Won't Walk Away"
(RC# 314)

"Hey, Hey, Hey" is a demo by Rivers Cuomo.


"Hey, Hey, Hey" was recorded in 1999.


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You gave me a look, then you took it away
You told my friends that you thought I was gay
So how 'bout it, don't you wanna believe?
I got a ??? in my sleeve

Hey, hey, hey!

I never know what you talk about it
I feel stupid when I sing in my head
And with your love, ???
I never ??? not a positive guy

Hey, hey, hey!

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