Hey M'Darlin'

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"Hey M'Darlin"
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
Status Circulating
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"Numerous Druids (The Barnaby Jones)"
(RC# 88)
"Hey M'Darlin'"
(RC# 89)
(RC# 90)

"Hey M'Darlin" (Originally titled "I'm Your Man") is a song written by Rivers Cuomo in 1991.


The song was originally written (under the title "I'm Your Man") in 1991 while Cuomo was living at 2914 Urban Avenue in Los Angeles. The song was brought back in 1997 for two shows as the band Homie, which Cuomo described as a chance to play "goofball", "country" songs. The song was rehearsed for a Homie album that never materialized. When asked about the song at Nerd Night 2 in 2011, Cuomo expressed an intent to release the original demo eventually [1].

In 2009, it was included on a Homie tribute album recorded by Lifetaker and runnersdialzero.


HOMiE version


89-Hey Mdarlin.jpg

Hey, my darlin’!
You know that I’m your man

The little man came and sat down on my knee
Picked my nose and said “What’s up?”
The big man came and sat me down on his knee
Picked my nose and said “Heads up!”

Well, I got no clothes
And I know you ain't got no pantyhose

Hey, my darlin’!
You know that I’m your man

Well, I guess I lost by the coin of the toss
I mean "toss of the coin"
So it's you and me, babe, without any between us
But we got love, oh yeah

I got no Subaru
And neither do you

Hey, my darlin’!
You know that I’m your man

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