Historic event: 06/10/1992

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weezer show #8: English Acid, Hollywood

English Acid was a weekly club within a club, at a location on Santa Monic Blvd. in Hollywood that [I beleive] has since been closed up]. Its reputation was a little seamier and weirder than the average club, with the decor on the 'burlesque' side. But there were many rocking shows there.

This show was recorded, via a tape made off of the mixing board. Like most club mixing board tapes, the vocals are too loud in relation to the rest of the mix.

This show was a short set for some reason... maybe the band's new demo tape hadn't impressed the club owner that much! Also on the bill were The Sin City Desciples, Murder and Exile, and The Morning Glories.


lets sew our pants together
the world has turned and left me here
my name is jonas

there are no [known] photos from this show. 2 flyer variations: L: Karls fumetti effort, R: one of Matt's many "Straight Dope" appropriations. note the names on the sleeves.
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