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Historic event: 07/24/1995

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cincinatti, ohio - bogarts

7/24/95 cincinatti, ohio- bogarts

my first weezer concert in which i and three other friends piled into a van and headed on down to bogarts in cincinnati to catch weezer headline with teenage fan club and that dog opening up for them.

the club was packed. it was middle of summer and everyone was packed in like sardines. you could hardly breathe. that dog opened and everyone rawked out. they threw three little thingies of lip gloss into the crowd. teenage fan club came out and everyone lay down and took a nap while they played.


then there was about a 40 minute gap between teenage fan club and weezer and everyone was going crazy. people started pushing where there was no room to push. people were fainting left and right. then Weezer appeared on stage amidst the battlestar galactica theme and a blinding white light. rivers stood like a wounded god. he stood motionless as his guitar was gently handed to him. a small yamaha keyboard sat in easy reach next to him. they played almost the entire blue album, jamie, and getchoo. only in dreams was incredible live. during the third song, a crowd surfer fell on my head. a bunch of girls were crowd surfing. one came near me and instead of letting her fall on me, i reached up and supported her. a guy next to me said "ha ha, i saw you go for her boob". the show was over and we all went home happy.

thanks to [name removed by request of author] for this review

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