I'm Not Too Proud

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"I'm Not Too Proud"
I'm Not Too Proud cover
Album track by The Special Goodness
Album The Special Goodness (album)
Released November 21, 1998 (Japan only)
Recorded March-April 1996
Tom Ackerman's house
White Horse studios
Length 2:28
Label Rock Records
Writer(s) Patrick Wilson
Producer(s) Tony Lash
Status Officially released
The Special Goodness (album) track listing
"A Fortunate Mistake"
"I'm Not Too Proud"
"It's All Here In This Book"

"I'm Not Too Proud" is the ninth track from the debut album by The Special Goodness.


"I'm Not Too Proud" features Wilson's wry commentary on modern American life.




Urban culture's pretty dumb
Suburban culture's really dumb
That feeling of incomprehension that you may feel
It's there for a reason, yeah

So love it or leave it
I do both all the time
It's so hard to bear and it's sad to be witnessing
Devolution, yeah

I'm not too proud of anything
So stop your nationalistic
Tendencies, oh yeah

Okay now, here's a plan
Show junior more love
Maybe he won't grow up to be a big thug
And kill me for my car, yeah

Make them realize
How awful it can be
When one day you find that your life is resembling
A made for TV movie, yeah

I'm not too proud of anything
So stop this behavioral profile
Of killing others, oh yeah

It's not that hard to be a jerk
It's not too hard to be so vain
When you're an asshole, oh yeah

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