I Love the USA

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"I Love the USA"
I Love the USA cover
Single by Weezer
Album The White Album (Deluxe)
Released June 29, 2016
Format Digital
Recorded Spring 2016
The Lair, Los Angeles, CA
Length 3:10
Label Crush Music/Atlantic Records
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo & Sam Hollander
Producer Jake Sinclair
Status Officially Released
Live debut July 9, 2016
Stream Play on spotify.png Spotify
Play on Apple Music.png Apple Music
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"I Love the USA"
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Alternate cover
Single artwork
Single artwork

I Love the USA is a digital single released by Weezer in June 2016. It was later released on the digital deluxe version of The White Album.


According to a post on the band's Instagram account, frontman Rivers Cuomo was inspired to write the song in April 2016 while the band was promoting the White Album in Europe. "We were on tour abroad, and it got me thinking a lot about America, which lead to me write 'I Love the USA,'" Cuomo said. Rivers also said in a July 2016 interview that he began writing the song "about a year" earlier. The band was later approached by Apple Music and NASA to take part in a celebration of NASA's Juno spacecraft's arrival at Jupiter on July 4. Cuomo said that the song "seemed like the perfect fit" to commemorate the occasion.

The song is notable for being the first officially released Weezer track in which Rivers sings the word "fuck." Both a clean and an explicit version were released. The clean version replaces all instances of "fuck" with "eff." A 1:20 alternate clean edit was used in an August 2016 Team USA Olympics promo and replaced "fuck yeah" with "oh yeah."


The song was released exclusively through Apple Music on June 29. It was released as a single and put on Spotify on September 2 with new artwork.

The song was later included as a bonus track on the deluxe version of The White Album.

Music video

The music video was directed by SCANTRON and No. 2 Pencil. It premiered on October 9, 2016.


Ain't that bad a place
I was born that way
I bite my fingernails
Still got bills to pay
You should know what to say
I'll put you in your place
Land of the free
I'm on my way

I love the USA
I love the USA
Fuck yeah this place is great
I love the USA

Stop at Coffee Bean
This is like a dream
Let's run across the beach
Mama, what's the deal?
Nothing's wrong with me
Still waters running deep
Home of the brave
Dog on a leash

God save the king
God save the king
God save the king
Won't feel a thing

Planes up in the sky
There's a missing man
A boy who didn't make it

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