Iowa City Press-Citizen article - August 23, 1997

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Publication Iowa City Press-Citizen
Interviewee Jason Cropper
Interviewer David Lee
Date August 23, 1997
Title Chopper One lands at The Que
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Chopper One lands at The Que
Author: David Lee (Iowa City Press-Citizen)
Published: August 23, 1997

Despite having to camp every night while touring in support of his band's new release, Jason Cropper's is feeling pretty good about life lately. First, the singer-songwriter-guitarist sleeps next to his wife and band member, Amy, who also writes songs, sings and plays bass. Second, their 3-year-old daughter, Kiefer, is under the care of Amy's family in Cleveland. Third, last week his band, Chopper One, won $100 on a dare to play Happy Birthday.

"(The heckler who bet the band) went from drunk to sober," Cropper said after he played the ditty on guitar.

You probably won't hear any more birthday songs unless you're willing to fork over some cash, but you will hear the edgy power-pop sounds of Chopper One when they perform tonight at The Que, 211 Iowa Ave. They're touring in support of their new album, Now Playing.

Cropper, an original member of the band Weezer, quit that band in late 1993 while Amy was pregnant with Kiefer. He taught her to play bass during those nine months, and in fact the band's first name was called "Braxton Hicks," a term normally used to describe early labor contractions.

Cropper's connection with his former band paid off during this time.

"The crazy part was when (Weezer) blew up and got huge," Cropper said. "I still got paid for their selling records, which made starting a family a lot easier."

Now Playing appears to have the potential to give Chopper One a success ride similar to Weezer's. The producer, Don Fleming, has worked in the past with bands such as Hole, Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr., and the album also is blessed with Kiefer's presence. Not only did she sing on sing her own at the end of the album, but she also graces the cover as a little fairy.

And she treats the album as if it were the entire family's, Cropper said. At a record store in Los Angeles, she kept asking, "Where's our record?"

Life right now is going on tour for about a month and then taking off a few weeks to spend time with Kiefer, Cropper said.

Chopper One
■ Chopper One will perform tonight at The Que, 211 Iowa Ave.
■ The band will appear with Janet Theory and Fabrik.
■ The concert starts at 9 p.m.
■ There will be a cover.
■ Web site:

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