Jocobono (album)

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Jocobono cover
Studio album by Jocobono
Released 1995
Genre Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal, Grunge
Length 33:18 (1:05:55 including repeat)
Label CherryDisc Records

Jocobono is the first and only album by Jocobono. The album was released on the now defunct Boston-based label CherryDisc Records in 1995.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Goddess"   2:21
2. "Ripped Off"   2:32
3. "Last Call at Foley's"   3:28
4. "Bambi"   2:50
5. "Leave"   4:33
6. "Puppy Love"   4:24
7. "Ramblin' Rose"   2:17
8. "Camel"   5:03
9. "Wild Heart"   3:41
10. "Nicholson's Driver"   2:05
Total length:

Track 7 is jokingly listed in the booklet as being recorded live at Wembley Stadium, August 14, 1977.

CD releases of the album feature an eleventh track, which contains a full repeat of tracks 1-10.

Cassette releases of the album feature all 10 tracks on both sides of the tape.


CD release

Cassette release


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