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Karl's Corner - 01/15/2010

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01/15/10 there we were, now here we are

01/15/10 there we were, now here we are

Jigga wha - 2010! Holy cow. With a new year comes healing, growth and change. Or at least the ambitions for those things! The weezer machine is being dusted off and oiled after a winter holiday nap. Renewed efforts are now underway to finish up both Pinkerton Deluxe as well as Odds And Ends, both of which should be out before or by spring the way it looks now. For both, its mostly down to the details like sequencing and finishing up the packaging etc. Speaking of rare weezer, The "Rarities Edition" of the Blue Album is out now. This is part of Universal Music's series where they take the second disc of a deluxe edition and release it as a stand alone, for those who want a bargain alternative to the Deluxe. You dont get all the sweet packaging and extended booklet this way, but you do get all the rarities found on Disc Two of the Blue album Deluxe.

And people, its with relief that I can announce that Rivers' recovery has gone well so far, and he is feeling up to rock and roll once again - not ready to fly through the air, but ready to play and sing at least. (Sarah is on track to a full recovery too - definitely no trampolines for her though). Well, as you know due to the bus crash back in early December, most of the winter weezer rock and roll was cancelled, but the T-Mobile contest show is now looming - it's next Wednesday the 20th, at Florida State university in Tallahassee! Rivers has been given a cautionary clean bill of health - so long as he takes it easy and is careful - and feels up for the show, so off we shall go to Florida, for the one and only remaining Raditude show before Spring/Summer '10.

FSU Tallahassee won the T-Mobile / Motorola CLIQ / Facebook contest by having the most votes from the student body, and its those voters who get first dibs on the tickets, followed by the rest of FSU. If you are a student there you've probably gotten word about the show by now. This show is gonna be cool, theres some suprises in store and a very special DJ guest opening up. FSU - see you soon!

The Raditude single campaign was disrupted by December's sudden change in plans, but that should be back on track with a second Raditude single to be released shortly. In addition, the band was in the studio in recent days working on weezifying a cover tune for an upcoming major motion picture soundtrack, which shall remain nameless for now.

Meanwhile Radio Weezer is getting some fresh content now, with greatly a expanded playlist being instituted as we speak featuring new music, classic tracks and straight up rares from all walks of life, and more stories and such from the guys too. Keep your, uh... dial(?) locked to Radio Weezer!

Pictured here is the Weezer Raditude photo book, for now available only to those who ordered the deluxe package with snuggie + book. The book turned out really cool, 10"x7", 140 pages of full color Weezer madness as seen thru the lenses of Daniel the bands manager and myself.

(click on pic for larger photo)

...DJ Annie from FM 100.1 The Planet in new Hampshire writes to report that they have started a "daily Weezer-fix for the early morning Weezaholics", featuring all sorts of live cuts, demos, B-sides, "stuffs galore".

...Follow up article on the Warren school kids, whose "You Take The Bus To School" book project inspired a Weezer Webisode.

...Weezer tribute band reunion: here's Weerez back in action after a 4 year hiatus (longer hiatus than the real weezer!)

...A Weezer tribute show in honor of the injured Rivers - David Thong and Joseph Maniwang rock out acoustically on Dec 8th at the Frontpage in Arlington VA (special thanks to Brad Pugh of Practically Einstein), with a just-learned banjo in the mix, playing when weezer was supposed to play before the accident derailed the tour. Videos here.

Todays pix: Emily and her xmas Snuggie strike an infomercial pose. giant Flip billboard in Penn Station, New York City by Hayley (Weezer_Child). Alexa from Winnipeg with her new 'December' tattoo. RJ Moore and buddies in holiday coordination mode, post show in Hartford. Sam C from Illinois with the weez xmas cookies.

(click on pics for larger photos)