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Karl's Corner - 06/15/2002

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06/15/02 stump juice

...early next week the band reunites in Los Angeles, and jumps right back into work. First they will be shooting a new video, this time for "Keep Fishin'". I've gotten a sneak peek at the video plan, and all I can say is, this is the coolest idea for a video I've seen in LONG time! No lie!

After the video wraps up on Wednesday, the guys get back into the studio to work on new songs and old, in preparation for the recording of Album 5. Whether demos or full recordings (or just 2 weeks of intensive practice and writing) come out of this session remains to be seen. The plan is to devote a good deal of the fall to recording #5, so the guys want all the prep time they can get now, as summer will be mostly touring.

...at last we have the scoop on drummer Pat's The Special Goodness's opening dates on the upcoming Enlightenment Tour. The SG will be playing on the Second Stage for 6 shows: in Atlanta, Nashville, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Phoenix. No word yet on the exact Second Stage running order and details, everything will be on the Tour page when we have it.

...okay, its taken a long time, and for that an apology is due to all, but at last the "fanclub" page is up. [accessed from the "weezer fans" section of the site]. This page took so long because there was some re-thinking of how all the fan-organized stuff worked, and, as you'll see, theres now room for ALL the clubs, groups, online stuff, weezer gatherings, etc, and its designed to accomodate plenty of new additions! Take a look, and please, if you think something's missing, let us know and it will be added!

...theres a good deal more radio and chart action cropping up around the globe, an update will be up asap.