Karl's Corner - 07/04/2005

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07/04/05 working, making, some for selling some for keeping

View larger - 07/04/05 working, making, some for selling some for keeping

...MB '05 Tour: Day 42: travel from Las Vegas to Kansas City
Today was a morning flight, er, pair of flights routed through the vast Denver airport, to Kansas City. Some community restlessness then led to a viewing of War Of The Worlds at a theater near the hotel, and the reaction was positive. The film stays close to the characters, so the viewer really shares their confusion and worries as things go to hell in a handcart. It therefore avoided the cliched 'disaster movie' vibe - no fake looking 'news reports' or trying to sum up whats going on across the world - way more questions than answers. That plus wicked sets, great music and spectacular effects made it a thumbs up for the assorted weez folk in attendance.

...The current issue of Chevy High Performance features Pat's Chevelle on the cover (large size picture here), in a follow up article to the one they ran last year - since then the car was involved in an accident and has been re-restored, with even gnarlier power. Also on the stands is the new EQ mag, which features Joe Barresi in a cover feature interview. Joe engineered much of Weezer's Pinkerton and has since worked with Pat on his Special Goodness music. Budding musicians and people who do home recording might want to check this article out - Joe really knows what he's talking about.

The current tour merchandise can be seen here.