Karl's Corner - 07/24/2000

From Weezerpedia

Wow! What a wild show tonite! The Seattle crowd was good n ready, and rocked the hell out of the Showbox theatre. The floor lurched violently with every beat, and I later learned that the building is very old and that floor needs to be replaced....scary! Organic Mechanic opened again and did an excellent job.

By the way, it seems that someone tried to sneak in the Portland show via the roof, and was arrested! Witnessess recounted the dude being led away in handcuffs. So, be careful, kids, you dont want to end up on "COPS"!

During tomorrows day off, the band will be finishing up a demo of new songs that theyve been recording during soundchecks. The tape will then be sent to some possible producers of the next weezer album. Do you have a suggestion as to who should produce the new album? e-mail me if you do!