Karl's Corner - 08/30/2000

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Last night in Philadelphia after the show, Rivers came out on the sidewalk to sign autographs. As the kids crowded around him to collect their treasures, Rivers was abruptly informed by the Philadelphia Police Dept that he was creating a disturbance and would have to "keep moving". So Rivers announced to the crowd, "ok, everyone, lets keep it moving!", and the whole autograph crowd slowly marched down the sidewalk with Rivers still signing in the middle. The police didnt like this either, and soon told him that they would arrest him if he kept signing autographs! No amount of reasoning helped and soon Rivers was told quite definitively that he'd better get back on the bus or else. As Rivers reluctantly retreated, the crowd raised a collective cheer in defiance to the police. Yeah!

...The band has formulated a rough schedule for the coming months, heres a peek:
Now till Oct 22: Finish the tour, take break, rehearsals.
Oct 23- Nov 26: STUDIO TIME IS BOOKED.(make a record!)
December: possibly continue recording, perhaps a short tour, xmas break
January: Tour? possibly Europe or Australia
February: US Tour (confirmed- dates to come...)
March: Promo tour (interviews and radio stations and such, preparing for album release)
April 1: possible album release date (of course subject to change!)
April: Japan Tour
beyond April 2001 ??????

...Mikey and Rivers thank everyone who has given them stickers, they keep coming in and are all awesome! As you'll see at the shows, their instruments are getting plastered with them.

... Also thanks to those of you who have given the band your demo CD's and tapes, we now have over 40 on board the bus, as well as the stunning biographical "weezer movie", made by some very imaginative fans!

...Also, I apologize: I intend to get a lot more video clips up (on the WFO page), but slow connection speeds and a lack of time have prevented me from putting up "one a day" like I intended. The next clips will be up ASAP!!