Karl's Corner - 10/04/2004

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10/04/04 running on empty

...summer recording session, day 57. Last day at the current studio, last day for a while, but not the last day of Album 5 work. When exactly it will be resumed is still being worked out, but as noted before, it will probably not be done till after Rivers finishes his semester at school. Once whatever changes and final touches done at that point are finished, then its on to mixing, mastering, and getting the artwork sorted out (and ideas are already flowing in that regard.) All in all, this has been a highly productive and successful session, despite (or perhaps due to) the long behind the scenes work that was needed thru 2003 and the beginning of 2004 to really work out what exactly was going to be recorded and how. The recordings are really solid and everyone is feeling pretty good about what they've accomplished so far. So for now the gear has been packed up and the studio vacated. More to come.