Karl's Corner - 11/02/2010

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2010/11/02 Pinkerton Deluxe + Death To False Metal Release Day!


...Folks, today is the long awaited day - the dual release day of Pinkerton Deluxe Edition and Death To False Metal! You can get your copies in the usual "bricks and mortar" retailers, or get the CDs on Amazon.com, or get it digitally on iTunes! And check our online shop for special ordering options including Pinkerton Deluxe on 4LP vinyl! Its a great day to be a weezer fan, with so much never before released material available all at once. Having personally worked well over a year locating and assembling the contents of Pinkerton Deluxe, I can say with pride its an amazing set, and thanks to everyone at the label and management for helping make it happen. And a huge thanks to Rivers for giving it his thoughtful TLC to make it a reality! Tons of effort was also put into Death To False Metal, gathering and fixing up these unreleased studio tracks into a very special album. People, dont hesitate to add these to your weezer collection!

...And here's a good article/interview with Rivers about Pinkerton Deluxe, the Memories Tour, Death To False Metal...

...Hey, dont miss these great photos of Weezer at work in the rehearsal studio, taken on 10/26 by O.

...and dont miss this great video of Weezer and MyChemical Romance at work backstage, practicing "My Name Is Jonas" for the AXE show on 9/21!

...hope your halloweens were happy, here's this years crop of weez-o-lanterns, taken directly from our collaborative photo page! Thanks to Gene (laxguy888), Ali, and Andrew Brine!