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August 10, 2011

Karlophone Album #3 is in production. Recording efforts started in 2008 but progress was very slow untill early 2011. Possible release dates in 2010 and mid 2011 were scrapped as recording has been intermittent and frequently interrupted. Please stay tuned, I'm very excited about the new material! Also asap going to sort out the right way to go to share and promote my old and new music in this postmodern era - soundcloud, bandcamp, youtube, etc etc. Im on Twitter, so follow for now. Thanks! -karl


...old news

February 26, 2007
"I Must Find This Karlophone.." is really, truly available now. here's the 411:

For the CD...
Buy the CD
album cover
click to order

And for the LP...
Amorphous Records Ordering Page. For digital Download (not yet in the system as of 2/26, but coming shortly)...
available on LoudEye-OD2, MusicIsHere, MusicNet, and Apple iTunes.

Can't decide which format? Heres some info:
The CD has 10 tracks. The LP has 9 tracks (all 10 couldnt fit on one slab of wax), BUT in its favor, its limited to just 150 numbered copies - plus, c'mon, it's vinyl!!. Digital: well, you dont really get anything to hold and contemplate, but... it does go in your iPod faster. Please order one if you like the music! (Check the Myspace page and the CDbaby page for sound clips and song previews!) And again - Thanks for waiting, and enjoy!

1. He Drinks Beer
2. Now Comes A Decision
3. Tuefel-Hunden
4. Cheif Chafe
5. Penitentiam Agite
6. I Didn't Know It Was A Party
7. The Old Alma Mater
8. Rocky Mountain Philosophy
9. The Other End Of The Friend
10. Indian Summer (on CD only)

January 26, 2007
Very happy to announce the completion and release of the new album, "I Must Find This Karlophone.."!!!

1. He Drinks Beer
2. Now Comes A Decision
3. Tuefel-Hunden
4. Cheif Chafe
5. Penitentiam Agite
6. I Didn't Know It Was A Party
7. The Old Alma Mater
8. Rocky Mountain Philosophy
9. The Other End Of The Friend
10. Indian Summer
(audio available on the Myspace page)
The album will shortly be available on CD from CDBaby (best price!), for digital download from CDBaby's affiliates (LoudEye-OD2, MusicIsHere, MusicNet, and Apple iTunes), and on both CD and LP(!) from Amorphous Records mail order! Details coming shortly to this page, and the Myspace page, and the Amorphous Records ordering page! Thanks for waiting, and I hope you enjoy it!


May 9, 2006
After a long 2005 where almost no new KP music was possible due to work responsibilities, 2006 has been much more musically productive so far. New songs, new ideas, and a second album is shaping up at last. Apologies for the lack of updates here, but as of early 2006, theres been activity on my new MySpace Music Page, so be sure to check in over there if you dont see anything going on here.

*Karlophone LP #2

Heres the very early tracklisting. Theres a lot of "TBD"s because The title tends to happen right near the end as the song is solidifying, and most of these are in the ballpark but not 'Done done'.
TBD#4 (working title 'cerebral palsy')
Tuffen Hunds
Cheif Chafe (original working title "You Are Insane")
Now Comes A Decision
Indian Summer
TBD#1 (working title 'alone')
TBD#2 (working title 'collegiate')
TBD #3 (working title 'rocky mountain philosophy')
...plus about 6-7 ideas too rough to call songs yet.

*Recent Karlophone releases

Theres been some new releases, but you're not to blame if you havent heard of them. Theyre pretty obscure, and Ive only mentioned them on the MySpace page so far. but here's the details:
UK CD compilation "Beetbox 2: Electric Boogaloo" on Lap Records contains, amongst many interesting and excellent tracks from various UK indie artists, "If You Listen" from the 'Desire' 7", (as well as a Southern Fried Swing track "The Lesson"). This was a give away only release, so it can't be easy to find . But It is the first official release of "If You Listen" on CD, and the first UK release of Karlophone material. One small step at a time...

The Swiss compilation CD "Amazon Grace" includes a NEW, short, weird Karlophone track called "How Many Minutes", as well as 76 other weird attempts at making a complete song thats only 30 seconds long. Why 30 seconds long? The idea (as best I could figure out as I was dealing with a bit of a French language gap throughout the process) is that when the cd is available on Amazon.com (though it doesnt seem to be there yet?), the "listen" files will contain the full songs, as Amazon's 'listen' files are restricted to 30 seconds in length. In this way it subverts "the system" by allowing a customer to hear the whole album in advance. Ah, the clever Europeans.

Also, Swiss DJ Kid Chocolat has released his latest album "Zombiparti!", which includes (on the cd-rom portion) the video I directed for his song "The Secret Of The Zombies" (instrumental version, different from the 'rap' version on the cd). This video was shot in the dusty spooky scrublands of Bakersfield, CA and stars my good budrow Eric B. as The Zombie. We had a ton of fun shooting the video, running around the fields with axes and shredded tuxedos and invading homeless campgrounds out in the backwoods for the psycho-hillbilly-zombie ambiance. I realize that it aint easy to find Kid C's cd over here in the states, so I'll see if i can get permission to host the video here.

*On The Docket

So where do things stand? I planned on using winter/spring '06 to finish my second album, and while its not finished yet, I am pretty pleased with how its going and what i have on tape so far. Ive got piles of ideas i simply havent had a chance to work with yet, so theres no shortage of material for the album. Rather than set deadlines, Im operating with a "its done when its done" attitude, which i feel is much healthier and makes for better music. But realistically, I am positive ill be having cd's pressed up sometime in 2006. This time around I'm also looking into a small run of LPs as well, and I'll make sure the long delayed t-shirt will be available by then too, to celebrate the second album's completion.

March 20, 2005
See the audio-video section for the mp3 of "Dr. Strangelove Sings The Beatles (Num Num Mix)" that was done for Kid Chocolat's "Peter Sellers RMX" album in '03. Sorry about the wait on that one! Also see the Recording Journal page for an update.

"Press Any Key To Begin" will be available on cdbaby.com soon, including in their digital distibution system (for paid downloads).

Sorry no shirts yet! The hand-screening option seems to have not panned out. We'll get it sorted out asap.

October 7, 2004
Some nice reviews are online now. Check Music For America for a review of the Desire 7", and see this In Music We Trust review of the "Press Any Key" album.
Also, see the recording journal page for some new info. Also, the Karlophone t-shirt plans were indeed delayed, due to an investigation of a more organic hand screening technique. This so far hasnt panned out, but a run of Karlophone shirts will be in production sometime this fall, one way or another.

July 1, 2004
The Desire 7" is *available now*, on the order info page at Amorphous Records (links above).

June 16, 2004
click on this for a larger picture
In a matter of days, the covers and the vinyl will be back from their respective manufacturing plants, and the Desire 7" will be assembled and on sale on Amorphous Records. It was a true learning experience making this thing a reality, from watching the lacquer master discs be cut to trying to explain to the label printers that "No, I dont want the fancy graphics, theyre supposed to look old."

The 7" features the "Press Any..." album track "Desire" on side A, plus kid chocolat's wicked Desire remix and a new track called "If You Listen" on side B. "If You Listen" was co-produced by F. Mint, who also did the guitar playing on the track. Satan is mentioned, it's good stuff.

Once this project is squared away and 'on sale', then the long delayed Karlophone t-shirt will be tackled. The art concepts are nearly ready, and the manufacturer has been chosen, so it should go fairly quickly. Dont worry, it wont be a boring color like white or black.

March 23, 2004
Recording is finally picking up again, slowly but surely. Click on 'recording journal' above for the latest.

Meanwhile, Kid Chocolat sent me the remix he did of "Desire", and its cool! I've decided to do a 7" single. It will pair "Desire" (either the album version or a slight revamp) on one side, with Kid Chocolat's remix plus a previously unheard Karlophone track on the flip. No release date known yet, but it should be available to order before summer.

Also, working on a t-shirt design (finally). These also should be available for online ordering by summertime.

Karlophone press! In the March 2004 issue of the French edition of "Rock Sound" mag, there is a 1 page article on the new Weezer DVD and my role in it. And the sidebar both pictures and talks about "Press Any Key To Begin". Nice!

Kid Chocolat's the "Peter Sellers RMX" cd featuring the Karlophone remix of "Peter Sellers Sings The Beatles" is now available for worldwide online ordering on Amazon.com France. You need to be able to read/translate French to interpret the website though...

Jan 7, 2004
According to Kid Chocolat, the "Peter Sellers RMX" cd is now available in record stores throughout France and Switzerland. Several American fans apparently contacted him directly and ordered the cd via mail order, and Kid C was grateful! It seems he has no extra copies now, as they have all gone to the shops. However, there is another way! Check out forcedexposure.com, as they are slated to carry the cd for worldwide online ordering! (currently they only have a different Kid Chocolat cd in stock, but the 'RMX' should be added soon)

Meanwhile, its technology upgrade time in the secret lab. Karlophone album #2 will not be possible without it, so while the wires are being re-routed and the software installed, its been archaeology time once again, digging up the wreckage of past civilzations thats needed to weave into the next batch of tracks... Once the dust settles there will be more reports in the "recording journal" section of this site.

...by the way, apologies as to the various gaps that remain around the site. They will be filled in asap. And once the new songs are flowing properly again, more new demo clips will be added.

Nov 8, 2003
click on this for a larger picture
Okay, i finally got the story straight about the Kid Chocolat remix album stuff. It looks like this [see picture above]. The album is a really cool collection of various remixes [including mine] as well as several new tracks by Kid Chocolat. Ive checked it out and its a cool and eclectic set of tracks from the groovy to the abstract. Its really fun to listen to. The album is out now - but only in Switzerland. It is possible to mail order it from him directly, although that is it as far as options right now. Use the email on his site and ask him about sending away for it, I know he doesnt have paypal but i think he's willing to work something out with those who need it!

But if you'd rather wait, the album is being released on a wider scale on Jan 14th 2004, in France, via the La Baleine distribution network, as reported below. At that point, it should be available in online stores, (i think) like maybe amazon.com type stuff. But it still wont be in any USA record stores unless they special order it for you as an import.

Oct 31, 2003
Hey, Happy Halloween. Ive got some info on the Kid Chocolat album that I did a remix for. "Hello Children, the Peter Sellers Rmx" will be released January 14th, 2004, not in October as I originally thought. Its being released in France, distributed by something called 'La Baleine', which I'm not sure what that is, either a label or distribution company. So there ya have it. I'm currently investigating whether i can share a sample of the song I remixed ("Peter Sellers Sings The Beatles") with y'all. In return, Kid Chocolat wants to remix my track"Desire", and he is welcome to as soon as I rescue the original tracks from wrong-formatting hell!

Sept 15, 2003
The Karlophone "Num-Num Remix" of Kid Chocolat's song "" is completed, and slated for Kid Chocolat's upcoming October release "Hello Children, The Peter Sellers RMX". This album will be available on the Kid Chocolat website. See the Recording Journal page [link above] for details on how the project came about. Meanwhile, the second Karlophone album continues its slow crawl towards progress. An upcoming visit to the secret lab should produce long overdue progress on the new tracks.

July 17, 2003
good grief! long time no update. Currently at work on a remix of a Kid Chocolat song. Kid C. is a Swiss beats n loops type artist who asked me if I'd have a go at remixing one of his tracks for an upcoming single or e.p. he's got in the works. Details of the process will be in the recording journal a.s.a.p. Further info on this collision of like minded laptop dee-jay folk to come. As will many site updates long overdue.

March 18, 2003
thank you for your patience. Various site updates have been implemented. A special karlophone 'station I.D.' track has been created exclusively for use by weezerville radio. Not sure when it will be in the mix over there. An mp3 clip of a new demo currently known as "Indian Summer" has been added to the audio video section. Also available is the video clip for "Desire".
coming soon to the bio section: a round up of the various karlophone interviews and bio info that have propagated around the net in recent months.

February 10, 2003
greetings. heshing things out at the moment. mucho mas on the way...

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