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Meet the Deedles: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Meet the Deedles: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Meet the Deedles: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack cover
Soundtrack by Various Artists
Released March 24, 1998
Format CD, cassette
Genre Rock, Ska
Length 33:46
Label Mercury
Professional reviews

Meet the Deedles: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was released in conjunction with the eponymous film from 1998.


The soundtrack notably includes the song "American Girls", the only officially-released song by Homie, Rivers Cuomo's short-lived side project. In Weezine issue #13, Karl Koch said of the soundtrack appearance:

Also out, more recently, is the soundtrack to a "Meet the Deedles," a particularly bad Disney movie which enjoyed a 1 or 2 week stay in theaters back in March. The disc includes the quite cool "American Girls" by a band called Homie. Homie is what Rivers finally decided to call his "Boston band" from last fall, and exists to showcase his old and new "goofy" non-Weezer material. The recording on the CD also features Matt on back-up vocals and as a co-producer, as well as drumming (actually a drum loop) by Pat. Rounding out the band, and supplying the boisterous guitar playing, are members of Soul Coughing; Cake. The rest of the CD is all "modern ska," which can be a problem if you don't like it and just paid 13 bucks on a CD that's 90% comprised of it. On the other hand if you do like what they call ska these days, you're in for a major treat.

- Karl Koch, Weezine issue #13, "The News (and Other Stories)" (1998)

Track listing

No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Wrong Thing Right Then"  The Mighty Mighty Bosstones 3:09
2. "Lady Luck"  Dance Hall Crashers 3:57
3. "Seems Like Yesterday"  Goldfinger 3:00
4. "Dr. Bones"  Cherry Poppin' Daddies 3:34
5. "I Can't Wait"  Hepcat 3:22
6. "Psycho Gremmie"  Gary Hoey 2:48
7. "For You"  Save Ferris 2:20
8. "Go Where You Go"  Geggy Tah 2:26
9. "Failing and Leaving"  Radish 3:42
10. "American Girls"  Homie 4:15
11. "Hawaii Five-O"  Perfect Thyroid 1:24
12. "Who Are Those Guys?"  Steve Bartek 4:34
Total length:

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