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Osaka cover
Studio album by The Kickovers
Released April 23, 2002
Recorded Woolly Mammoth Studios
Genre Alternative Rock, Pop Punk
Length 33:45
Label Fenway Recordings
Producer(s) Nate Albert, David Minehan

Osaka is the first and only album by The Kickovers. The album was released on the Boston-based label Fenway Recordings on April 23, 2002.

Track listing

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "I'm Plastic"  Nate Albert 0:17
2. "Black and Blue"  Albert 2:46
3. "Fake in Love"  Albert 2:15
4. "Put Me On"  Albert 2:54
5. "Under You"  Albert 3:28
6. "Heart Attack"  Albert 1:25
7. "Regeneration"  Albert 3:30
8. "Diamonds to Ashes"  Albert 2:09
9. "Hanging on the Telephone"  Jack Lee 1:53
10. "Crash and Burn"  Albert 4:41
11. "Grounded"  Albert 2:32
12. "Wake Up"  Albert 2:21
13. "The Good Life"  Albert 3:29
Total length:

Track 9 was written by Jack Lee and originally performed by The Nerves.


  • Nate Albert (guitar, vocals, bass, writing, production, mixing)
  • Mikey Welsh (bass)
  • Johnny Rioux (guitar, bass)
  • Joe Sirois (drums)
  • David Minehan (bass, backing vocals, production, mixing, recording)
  • Paul Buckley (drums)
  • Dave Aaronoff (bass, keys)
  • Rich Gilbert (pedal steel)
  • Tim O'Hare (recording)
  • Paul Q. Koldeire (mixing)
  • Sean Slade (mixing)
  • J.J. (mastering)
  • Carl Plaster (drum tech)
  • Joshua Dalsimer (photography)
  • Mark Higgins (photography)
  • Alli Wong (design, layout)
  • Josh Sulkow (robot guy)
  • Jon Sulkow (robot guy)
  • Cadicow, Carroll, Guido, & Groffman (legal)
  • Jonathan Levine (booking)
  • Julie Underwood (publicity)
  • Mark Kates (think tank)
  • Ric Dube (think tank)

Dave Aaronoff and Paul Buckley appear courtesy of Lunch Records.

David Minehan is credited under multiple (most likely joke) nicknames in the album credits, such as "Dangerous", "Dada", "The Motor", "Mr. Minehan", "Diamond", "Deconstruction", "Money", "Minehan Shminehan", and "David Mulligan".

Credits for Osaka adapted from CD liner notes.[1]


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  1. Osaka (CD liner notes). The Kickovers. Fenway Recordings. 2002.