Picture of Tomorrow

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Picture of Tomorrow
Picture of Tomorrow cover
EP by Starwick
Released April 21, 2018
Format digital, compact disc, cassette
Genre Power pop
Length 20:54
Label Belakang Teras Records
Cassette cover
Cassette release
Cassette release

Picture of Tomorrow is the first EP by Starwick. The album was produced by Ario Hendarwan of The Adams.


As of 2021, Picture of Tomorrow was given a limited edition cassette release through the Ororo Records record label.

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Starwick

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Domestic Violence"  Arvi 1:46
2. "One With Harmony"  Arvi 3:49
3. "Just Fair"  Arvi 3:42
4. "Star"  Dindin 3:39
5. "Picture Of Tomorrow"  Arvi 3:59
6. "How The Story Ends"  Arvi 3:57
Total length:

The song "Just Fair" was originally released as a single on December 9, 2011, but the master files were lost, prompting the band to rerecorded the song for Picture of Tomorrow.[1]

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