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Weezer's Cuomo Compiles Demos for Release


Only one man dare venture into the vaults of Rivers Cuomo, and that man is, naturally, the Weezer frontman himself. Indeed, as Cuomo announced via what is apparently his personal MySpace ("The Real Slim Cuomo"?!) today, he reached deep and has compiled a collection of demos spanning 1992-2007 for CD release. Geffen Records has confirmed that it will release the compilation, titled Alone - The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo, on December 11.

According to the MySpace post, Cuomo originally intended to release said collection in conjunction with a book-- which he insists, contrary to a Rolling Stone report, is not his "memoirs." That book, wrote Cuomo, will now be released separately "at a much later date-- a year? Two years? Three years? I don't know."

"It's going to be very cool, though," added Cuomo, whose tome-in-progress already clocks in at nearly 400 pages.

Thanks to reader Cameron Murray for the tip!

Cuomo also alludes to some "Weezer developments" (they're still together, don't you know), which he describes as "extremely great." Wait, this guy went to Harvard?

A post on the Weezer website drops a few more hints, declaring that the quartet has been recording a new album set for release next year "in a large room that normally doesn't serve as a place where bands record their albums." We hope it's the World's Largest Pineapple.

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