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Background information
Origin Los Angeles
Years active 1994-1995[citation needed]
Genre(s) Alternative rock, acapella, experimental
Label(s) W.I.N. Records
Former Members
Petra Haden
Tom Grimley

Recess was a short-lived experimental band led by Petra Haden and Tom Grimley.


Haden and Grimley collaborated on many recordings in the early 90's. Grimley produced much of Haden's work as a member of That Dog, which Grimley was himself a kind of unofficial member of. Haden was a central participant in the community surrounding Poop Alley Studios, a recording studio that Grimley ran.

Recess was a bonafide project unto itself, however, given its own name and at least three appearances on released recordings. These a 7 inch self-titled record, a three-track EP released in 1994 entitled Don't Call Me on My Birthday, and a contribution to Grimley's Poop Alley Tapes compilation in 1995.

It is unknown, but appears unlikely, that the group ever performed live.