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Riverpedia archive - 01/04/2021

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Instashow is a widget you can install in your account description to display images posted to Instagram.

You can actually install any elfsight apps.

(https://help.elfsight.com/collection/96-instagram-feed) is a good starting point.

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Mixes by the People

Have you made a mix with any of the master file bundles? This is the place to show off your work.

Gravity Will Bring You Down 13-2 by William
https://dl.dropbox.com/s/tc7gfw215wkk0u6/Gravity%20Will%20Bring%20You%20Down%2013-2.mp3 YouTube mirror

Gravity 13 by energyflavor
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/ut7v618c2d6hw8f/Gr13EQ.mp3 YouTube mirror

Gravity, Boat on the Sea, Pacific Sunset. Supergirl, Meet Up With Our Maker, Ivory Telephone, Tower of Babel, Bless The Whole Wide World by stgrunu

Pacific Sunset by Reddit user adizzle26

YouTube mirror

A Boat On The Sea by guyperson

YouTube mirror

Pacific Sunset (Remix) by damps

YouTube mirror

She Has A Way With Words by brendan

YouTube mirror

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Songs by users of riverscuomo.com

YOU CAN ADD YOUR LINKS TO YOUR ACCOUNT PAGES NOW. USE HTML. To have your mix added to the “by the people” playlist on the music player, send a copy (or a link to a copy) to Tiffany.

Amber Sage (vixen) - All I Wanted

BenevolentDonut - Colette

bluto - Ugly & Beautiful

Dan (bleed) - Joan of Arc (Demo)

Daniel Gasparini - Shake It Out

jbloss1233 - China Dolls

justinho - Abigail Foster's Photosynthesis Machine Discography

M3D - I Don't Know Your Name (Demo)

Marjolaine - Sarah and Thea

omelettetdq3z - Fern

ourruseoffools - Oil's Dry

Ryan Velvet - Genevieve, la Vie!

souptheman - I Believe

stgrunu - Cecilia

Sugarcubes - 10101 (Will the Starship)

Sugarcubes - I'm Going to Die Tonight

Technicolor Riots (mike) - Basic/Caustic

Wow Bob Wow - Bayonet

kustomboy - Sonic Blues

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