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Alone Series

Alone IV - XIII are a series of demo bundles I’ve released in The Market. Each bundle represents a different era, and are grouped as outlined below.

  • Alone IV: Before Weezer
  • Alone V: The Blue-Pinkerton Years
  • Alone VI: The Black Room
  • Alone VII: The Green Years
  • Alone VIII: The Maladroit Years
  • Alone IX: The Make Believe Years
  • Alone X: The Red-Raditude-Hurley Years
  • Alone XI: The EWBAITE Years
  • Alone XII: The White Years

Track Lists
Riverchatters are keeping up to date track lists for each bundle in this google sheet..* Missing demos can be noted on page 2 of the google sheet. Be sure to note the song title and the era.

Album Artwork
Fans have created and shared their own album artwork for each bundle in a google drive, where you can view or download their concepts, and you can even upload your own work!

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The Best Of The Demos

BEST OF bundle

Alright, first iteration. geewiz top PLUS the remaining King Tom 5 stars. Easy to swap in and out as desired. Let the convo continue. I came around to duplicating files in the BEST OF. However, the BEST OF files are now orphaned files. That is they aren't included in any of the tagging updates.

The purpose of the bundle is twofold:

1) So 'casual' fans have an easy place to start digging into the catalog without getting overwhelmed. 2) So you have a easier-to-like bundle to send to your less-hardcore friends without overwhelming them.


Here's a potentially controversial suggestion: To populate the BEST OF bundle, we remove the 30 files from the other 9 bundles so there is no duplication of files across bundles. I like this because I don't want anyone to have to buy some duplicates if I they to go deeper. I like each bundle to feel completely unique. Also, right now my scripts rely on each filename being unique. It would require re-thinking and re-writing to accommodate identical music files with different filenames. Not impossible but it doesn't like a fun project. To take care of the people who already purchased most of the 30 BEST OF files in their other bundle purchases, I would simply give them the new BEST OF bundle for free. It could work like this: anyone who's already purchased more than 3 bundles will get the BEST OF bundle for free. (Going forward though, you wouldn't get the BEST OF free with the purchase of more than 3 other bundles).

The BEST OF bundle would be $9. That makes it the most expensive bundle in terms of cost per song (30 cents per song compared with EWBAITE's 1 cent per song.) But that still seems like a low price. And these are the 'best' demos with the broadest appeal. No lo-fi voice notes of me talking to myself.

how much demand is there for a best of?

Fine to disagree with any of this.


It feels like some people want go the duplicate file route, so that when they purchase a 'Pre-Weezer', they're certain they're getting all the pre-weezer material. Also, people are suggesting other smaller bundles, like 'Ecce Homo' and 'Deliverance At Hand'.

Would this help at all: grouping demos into folders within a bundle, for example, within the EWBAITE bundle we could have 'Top 10 of EWBAITE' and 'Ecce Homo'. In the Red bundle we could have 'Deliverance At Hand' among others. Still no duplication of files. And you wouldn't be able to purchase those subfolders individually. But would that reduce the overwhelm for casual fans?

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