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Riverpedia archive - 02/28/2021

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MRN 2.0

Android App

riverTube Android test app is available to the first 100 members of MRN 2.0 who provided a valid email address. As we move through the various testing phases, we'll be able to add more users. Once added to the list, you’ll log in for the test app using the same email address you used to register for your MRN 2.0 account.

Please share your crash data with me if you can. More info

Note, it’s easier to access and download the test app from Google Play if you register for MRN 2.0 with your gmail account. The trials are available only to Android at this time. See below about iOS app development.

9: Consecutive posts don't restate the username and time. new autoscroll switch tho it still doesn't work. new app launcher icon.

8: some improvements to the chat.
smaller font.
autoscroll button doesn't turn off yet.
tried to change the jitsi package configuration for better sound.
app launcher icon.

Web App

Here is the first URL for the site for the development of MRN 2.0. This will hopefully turn into an android/ios/web app. There is now a rudimentary chat app there. A few points of caution:

  • 2.0 is not yet connected to your 1.0 account.
  • Your email address might be visible to everyone.
  • There is a 90% chance that your 2.0 account will not persist for long.
  • Any messages or other work you create there will be lost.

iOS App

Unfortunately, we won't be able to deploy the app to Apple's App store from my Windows computer. I'll have to figure out how to deploy it from a Mac.

Further Reading:

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Profile Pages

You can now customize your own profile pages using html/css. On your profile page, you will see an "edit" button; in that text box (the default of which says "I am a gentle nerd") is where you input the html/css.

User M3D has a link to a profile builder (this might not work for everyone) on his profile page, and has additionally made a github page with some basic codes to help you format your page if you prefer to DIY.

User sarahdanielle also has a handy guide for some coding tips as well.

User vixen has some tips n' tricks for profile customization if you like to get creative.

User gracz has some more advanced functions. Ask him to help if you have an idea you’d like to implement.

Basic color codes can be found here.

If you are not good with HTML, but can format a rich text box, you can use a website like this to create the HTML for you. Edit the demo text and the HTML equivalent will appear in the far right box.

Thank you to all of you for sharing your knowledge in such a neighborly way.

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Most of the messages posted under the name "Rivers" are not actually from me. Most are pulled from databases of movie scripts. They are just for your entertainment and not to be taken seriously. I've done my best to ensure all the 'Rivers' posts are neighborly but occasionally something inappropriate sneaks through.

Here's an example of much more experienced programmers running into trouble with their bot becoming offensive. Another example, this time in the medical research field.

Please keep all your communications here neighborly.

I made a video presenting the first published version.

UNRELATED NOTE: Private coaching channels no longer work. I think they were making the chat super laggy. If I figure out a better way to design them, I'll let you know.

I could probably migrate whatever info I want to keep from this entry into the Mr. Rivers Neighborhood entry, and delete this one.

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