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469 South Eagleville Rd.

Where I lived from end of 6th through 12th grades.

It's the closest thing I had to a home, growing up.

When I was 13 or so I found a brand new pack of cigarettes on the road and went behind my house to try to smoke a cigarette. I took one puff, coughed intensely, and stopped.

6145 Rodgerton Drive

The house I lived in around the time of the Green album. You can see it in the old 2000-2001 web clips from dot com. Around the original Hollywoodland development. It’s twisty and steep up ther


I use Dell computers.

Frank Cuomo

My dad. My parents divorced when I was about 4. My dad had a fantastic ability to give people nicknames that stuck. And to coin alternate words for things. - tissue -- "hornblowers" slippers -- "slinkers" peanut butter -- "peenter bunter" my uncle Michael -- "Ralphie" my mom -- "Choofie".


A song I wrote with Brendon Urie potentially for Panic! At The Disco's then-upcoming album Vices & Virtues. They did not end up using it.

Brendon brought some text from one of his co-writers or friends. A kind of free form poem thingy. It was about a girl with freckles.


I have glow-in-the-dark colored balls. My vision in low light is very poor. My best score for 9 holes is 44. I average around 50. I like to walk rather than ride a golf cart. I carry my clubs.

I'm honestly not that passionate about it but it's one of the last sports I'm able to participate in since my knee diagnosis in 2013.

Little Martin

I use a Little Martin Ed Sheeran ÷ Edition Guitar when I play in my home studio.

Rivers Radio

A playlist I made for my music listening everyday. Follow and listen along if you like. Note, these are not songs I'm recommending. Many of them I've never even heard. They're songs I'm interested in hearing, rather. I may not end up liking them. Listen at your own peril.

Santa Monica

The city where I live. I first came here for junior college and loved it immediately. The fresh, clean, cool air was invigorating compared to Hollywood. I immediately started writing better songs, the songs that ended up on Blue. Ever since, I've been somewhat superstitious about the power of this spot on earth for my creativity.

Scott & Rivers

A music duo featuring myself and Scott Murphy (Allister, Monoeyes). We’ve released two albums in Japanese.

ニマイメ (Nimaime, "The Second One") will be released internationally on October 21, 2020.

Somebody at Weezer's recorded company introduced us after I told them that I was looking for a japanese speaking gaijin collaborator.

Tascam 688

My mother co-signed my first credit card and bought a Tascam 688 home recording unit and began a steady stream of demo-making that has continued in various forms, on various machines, and in various locations around the world. This is what all those old blue album demos were recorded with. 1989.


When I'm on tour in other countries, I like to try and collect foreign toothpaste. I like variety though I'm not supposed to use any whitening kind. Liking variety is one of the major themes of my life. I first noticed the awesomeness of foreign toothpaste on Weezer's summer tour of Europe in 2019 and I've used it ever since.


My current band. And what my dad always called me. I think he was indeed thinking of the Little Rascals character. Cuz "he was the cool one"