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Riverpedia archive - 08/29/2020

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Dead Roses

It's very Gothic.

Chorus lyric: at the bottom of an oubliette.


The city where Kyoko is from.

I always hang out at Youmetown.

Mansfield Middle School

I went there from 6 through 8th grade.

I was de-shorted twice.

I met my best friend Justin there.


Midnight aka Cardigan Disaster was a song I originally wrote for the Black album, but because of the unexpected success of Africa we ended up holding off on its release as a single. The radio ship date was 2 weeks after we thought released Africa.

It did not end up making the final version of the Black album.

The title cardigan disaster came to me in a dream.

Model airplanes

A hobby I tried during the quarantine. I worked on them with my family. I completed two planes.

Riverchat FAQ


The Truth

A short-lived band for which I played bass. Kevin Ridel was the singer and songwriter. All songs were all Christian pop-rock. We played 1 show at the Whiskey.

Venice Beach

Neighborhood just south of Santa Monica, where I spent a lot of time hanging out to get lyric inspiration for the White Album.