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Riverpedia archive - 09/08/2021

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MRN Tour

I'm thinking Mr. Rivers Neighborhood The Tour next spring. The main point of it will be a performance by me of a longer, more, varied setlist. I'm thinking theatres. MRN theme, maybe with additional muppets. 1-3 classically trained musicians. Land of make believe train, etc. Different outfits and scenery.

If I can't do a tour maybe I should do a cruise. A river cruise obviously. Every year a different River. danube? nile? amazon?

On September 8th, 2021, I floated the idea of a destination event, maybe one a year in different locations, in lieu of a tour or cruise. It would be like a cruise, but on land. I discussed that the event could be like a comic book convention, but for Weezer/Rivers. We could call it Cuomo Con.

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