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Riverpedia archive - 10/05/2020

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I wear a Japanese brand now. I'll have to look up the name — I forget. They're bigger thicker blacker than my previous frames.

Since the late 90s I've worn vintage frames. Mostly from the '60s I think. There was a place in Venice called For Your Eyes. They found a warehouse full of vintage glasses that had just been sitting there for decades. They were my go-to.

Brand Eyevan model Sullivan eyesize 50

Rebecca and Eric

So I need 4 different types of glasses. ​Dailywear progressives going from 'reading' to a 'light distance' prescription. color: pbk ​Stage glasses progressives that go from an 6ft 'intermediate' to a 'light distance' prescription. color: tortoise ​Drivingor_Golf glasses would be only for distance. color: something sporty ​Pure reading/computer glasses. color: something studious

Problem 1 distance clarity does not feel comfortable when I'm moving around through space. I think I need a lighter prescription for distance then clarity of reading would give me.

Problem 2 a reading prescription doesn't work for reading stage lyrics on stage because the distance is more like eight feet rather than two.

If they haven't come in yet ask for street glasses in tortoise

Ray-Bans were a backup pair.

I wear Croakies with my glasses when performing to keep them in place so I can play without losing or having to constantly readjust my glasses.

Rivers Glasses Collage.png