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Riverpedia archive - 10/16/2022

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Avant Garde

My metal band in senior year of high school and for a few years after.

I saw the name in an airline magazine on the flight home from LA my senior year of high school.

I later renamed it "Zoom." after Randal Cohen suggested we change the name..

Avant-garde-Rivers-early-band.png Zoom promo 2.jpg

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Model Airplanes

A hobby I tried during the quarantine. I worked on them with my family. I completed two planes.

2/3/2022 I guess Kyoko rescued these from my garbage can a year and a half ago.
Rivers' rescued model airplanes

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Santa Monica College

I went there in the early 90's, first as an English major, then as a music major. I wrote the Buddy Holly chorus melody while walking across one of the quads.

I performed at the 2018 Homecoming halftime show, along with a group of other “All-Star Alumni.”

SMC Homecoming 2018 Rivers SMC Homecoming 2018 Rivers SMC Homecoming 2018 Rivers

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