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Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson is a Grammy award winning singer, songwriter, musician and producer. Dan is the lead singer of Semisonic, and has written, co-written and produced hits like The Chicks’ “Not Ready to Make Nice” and Adele’s “Someome Like You.”

We’ve written a lot of songs together including Ruling Me and California Kids, along with a few other Scott & Rivers songs that will probably become Weezer songs someday.

Dan on California Kids, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, July 11. 2019

"Dan Wilson is loving California but feeling Minnesotan as his old band Semisonic returns"

Another example of that transformation came in the song “California Kids” from Weezer’s 2016 “White Album.” Rivers Cuomo and I wrote that one about how each of us is not from L.A., but our kids are from L.A.,” Wilson said. “Kind of a startling notion.”

Dan on Ruling Me, American Songwriter, September 2010

“This has been a kind of a funny, fun week because the Weezer album is coming out in a week, and they just streamed on their MySpace page “Ruling Me,” which is a song I co-wrote with Rivers Cuomo. I had not yet heard the band version, I had only heard the demo that Rivers and I made. On that one, we wrote some lyrics for the verse, and he generated most of those, and I helped. And then I wrote the lyrics to the chorus, except for the last line, which is the title, which is his, and amazing. We kind of wrote the verse together, and then I said to him that I thought it sounded too innocent, and he said, “We’ll revise the innocence out later.” And then a week later he e-mailed me new lyrics and it was exactly that; the same story, the same song, but everything innocent and sweet was removed and replaced by something really funny and zippy and great, and sort of spicy. That was real collaborative, on the lyrics, and we wrote the music together.”

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I do not currently own any pet. I love dogs, though. I had a cat named Calvin when I was a senior in high school. He was named after Calvin & Hobbes. I did not train him properly.

My grandparents owned a black lab, and one time it cut its nose by getting it stuck in a can of pork and beans.

I had a pet rabbit when I was a kid. Named todd.

I also had two gerbils which turned into 20.

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