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Riverpedia archive - 11/03/2020

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EWBAITE Booklet Extras

The booklet for Everything Will Be Alright In The End had extra lyrics that were unused in the album's songs.

Learn how to make drinks Eat with proper table manners I will sit with my back straight Properness in the littlest things

I realize that the monster in the end dies too. It's okay Even the monster will die.

There also lines with quotes near the character/theme pages, but those weren't lyrics. They serve to develop the theme.

Panopticon Artist:

"You're a genius, man. These songs are incredible."

I'm a loser after all

"I don't need him. He had nothing to do with our success"


"I can show you how it's really done."

"She came with me to my room She wanted to be with me And when she left to go home You tried to take her You tried to take her from me"


"I know I'm the better man. I hope I'm the better man."

"I can hear you crying downstairs. Shut the f* up. Don't try to manipulate me."

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Most of the messages posted under the name "Rivers" are not actually from me. Most are pulled from databases of movie scripts. They are just for your entertainment and not to be taken seriously. I've done my best to ensure all the 'Rivers' posts are neighborly but occasionally something inappropriate sneaks through.

Here's an example of much more experienced programmers running into trouble with their bot becoming offensive.

Please keep all your communications here neighborly.

I made a video presenting the first published version.

Dilavni pointed out a bug which allows any user to post riverchats under any name. Neither of us know how to fix it. I don't think it will affect any other page within the site.

UPDATE: I think I fixed the Dilavni bug.

UNRELATED NOTE: Private coaching channels no longer work. I think they were making the chat super laggy. If I figure out a better way to design them, I'll let you know.

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