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Riverpedia archive - 11/09/2020

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Hey guys, this has been a tough few days for me.

I'm hurt that someone downloaded and distributed the demos. I wish everyone would help me when I make mistakes in my code, rather than take advantage of me.

On top of that, many parts of the site are broken right now and I haven't been able to fix them in spite of long hours of work. I hope that at least the chat app is working now so we can keep the good times rolling. I'll be in a Weezer session today but I will start work again first thing tomorrow morning.

To those of you who bought demos anyway, I'm moved and grateful. We wouldn't be able to do what we do without fans like you.

I'm sorry that I sent you the wrong files. (That's one of the parts of the site that is broken right now.) I will send the correct files by tomorrow even if Kyoko and I have to mail them all by hand.

Please continue to use gentle language on Riverchat even when you feel harshness is justified.




The web store is now open for many users.

Thank you for supporting me and my family.

This is just the first installment. These should be songs that have no co-writers or other performers.

Any demos you buy will show up on your account page. You can listen there as soon as I re-activate the links.

And you can check whether or not to make them visible to everyone else. You can also select to make them playable by your friends there.

Or you can keep them hidden.

After you purchase, your name will not be visible in the store as owner unless you want it to be.

I will also send you mp3s. Save the mp3s because I can't guarantee how long I'll maintain this website.

( Last edited by Rivers at 2020-11-09 17:17 PM utc )