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BEST OF bundle

Before we pull the trigger on the 'Best of The Bundles' bundle, let me put forth a more detailed proposal:

The purpose of the bundle is twofold:

1) So 'casual' fans have an easy place to start digging into the catalog without getting overwhelmed. 2) So you have a easier-to-like bundle to send to your less-hardcore friends without overwhelming them.

Let's try geewiz's top 30. Easy to swap songs in and out if we want to.

Here's a potentially controversial suggestion: To populate the BEST OF bundle, we remove the 30 files from the other 9 bundles so there is no duplication of files across bundles. I like this because I don't want anyone to have to buy some duplicates if I they to go deeper. I like each bundle to feel completely unique. Also, right now my scripts rely on each filename being unique. It would require re-thinking and re-writing to accommodate identical music files with different filenames. Not impossible but it doesn't like a fun project. To take care of the people who already purchased most of the 30 BEST OF files in their other bundle purchases, I would simply give them the new BEST OF bundle for free. It could work like this: anyone who's already purchased more than 3 bundles will get the BEST OF bundle for free. (Going forward though, you wouldn't get the BEST OF free with the purchase of more than 3 other bundles).

The BEST OF bundle would be $9. That makes it the most expensive bundle in terms of cost per song (30 cents per song compared with EWBAITE's 1 cent per song.) But that still seems like a low price. And these are the 'best' demos with the broadest appeal. No lo-fi voice notes of me talking to myself.

how much demand is there for a best of?

Fine to disagree with any of this.


It feels like some people want go the duplicate file route, so that when they purchase a 'Pre-Weezer', they're certain they're getting all the pre-weezer material. Also, people are suggesting other smaller bundles, like 'Ecce Homo' and 'Deliverance At Hand'.

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Beverly Shoenberger

My mom. Born May 8, 1947. Lived in Charlotte, North Carolina until she was 8, then Atlanta, Georgia. She spent a lot of time in very rural Alabama on her grandparents' farm. Her mom had grown up on a cotton farm, and her dad was first a chemist at an ice cream company, and then a minister. His natural inclination to a spiritual path made a deep impression on her.

In high school, she won the International Science Fair (in Girl's Biochemistry) in 1965 for a project on kudzu. 6th place in Georgia for a play she wrote. 3rd place at the Emory Barclay Forum for Southeastern US for a dramatic reading. (She was assigned Hawaii.)

Then she went to New College in Florida but dropped out after two years, along with 40% of her class. The 60's hit her hard, and it took her a while to find her own way through all the cultural upheaval.

She followed a band up north. After a few months as a hippy in the East Village of NYC, she ended up at the Rochester Zen Center. Her father died suddenly of a heart attack a few days later, she married Frank a few months later, and I was born the following year. My mother says that my birth and the birth of my brother a year later, changed her life completely forever. She eventually divorced Frank and was married to Steve Kitts from 1976 to 1989. Now she's married to my current step-dad, Norman Richey.

Beverly. Rivers Cuomo - baby.jpg

Further Reading:
Frank Cuomo

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Goat Punishment

A pseudonym for Weezer when I wanted to do secret shows in 2000.

We did an all Oasis set and an all Nirvana set.

Mikey came up with the name when a cab driver asked him what the name of his band was.

We were able to get out of our management contract because our manager broke the law when he booked the GP shows himself (instead of going through our agent.)

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Harutoshi Ito

Kyoko's dad. A really cool guy.

He helped carry in my luggage when I first arrived at their house in 2005.

He volunteers as a teacher of ma jong to other seniors.

He has afib.

Further Reading:
Beverly Shoenberger

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I went through a knitting phase. Never finished the blanket I was knitting. It was fun. I went to that place Simpatico on Wilshire. Looks like it's closed now. ( Last edited by Olivia at 2020-12-01 22:40 PM utc )


The island where Kyoko is from.

Further Reading:

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Los Angeles Valley College

After making the Blue Album, I went to community college for the 1994 spring semester, taking all music classes.

Notable events: the Northridge earthquake, Kurt Cobain's suicide, and the release of the Blue album.

I lived with Karl and Kevin. ( Last edited by Olivia at 2020-12-01 22:26 PM utc )



I think I recovered all the bundle connections from my email sent items. If anyone's still missing a bundle in the account page, PLEASE EMAIL* lisa@riverscuomo.com*.

Today I learned that you have no way of reporting emergencies to me when I've stepped away from my computer. We'll have to think about that.

  1. Please tell me if anything looks wrong or if I've made a mistake.
  2. We're live. This is real money. And I can't guarantee that the purchase work. Or that you will care about the demos. At this point, only purchase if you want to help me test the app.
  3. Once purchased, please don't share. Everyone else will have a chance to buy once I'm sure it's working. If you have a close friend, who really can't afford it, and they really want the music, sure, go ahead and share. But don't post for the general public.
  4. And please let me know if it doesn't work as expected. Or if you find you have access to something you shouldn't. Thank you.
  5. I haven't had a chance to make audio previews yet so if you buy, you're buying sight unseen. Or hearing unheard?
  6. these should be songs that have no co-writers or other performers.

I really appreciate it when you alert me to stuff that shouldn't in a given bundle or shouldn't released at all. Also, please let me know if there's anything I wouldn't want public in all the voice notes. I never thought i would be releasing those. I don't know what's in them. Thank you.

For any demo:

  1. It might have silence.
  2. It might be wildly inappropriate.
  3. It might have super low sound quality.
  4. It might just be me rambling, talking, making sounds.
  5. It may have already been shared or leaked.
  6. It might be just a drum beat. it might not have vocals.
  7. It might be a duplicate of another demo.
  8. It might be an inferior version of another demo.
  9. the information provided, such as year and description, might be incorrect.
  10. Also, over time, the contents of each bundle in the market might change.
  11. Or the metadata for a file might change.
  12. The price may change.

(In other words, you may prefer the current version in the market to the version you bought.)

On the bright side, I realized I can add files to the dropbox folders after they've gone on sale. That means you can re-download the bundle, or the specific files, and get additional content as I discover it. Very cool.

What does everyone think of the 'gift' idea? That is, you could check a box to have me send the bundle to a friend of yours on a specific date (like a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas). I would include personalized messages from me and from you. Is this awesome or do you think not really many people would use it? I'm always looking for unusual gift ideas, especially around the holidays, but often my interests are out of sync with the masses. I'd have to prevent one receiver from getting multiple orders of the same bundle from different givers. I guess there would be Privacy concerns with you giving me someone's email address who hasn't even registered for this site.

By the way, This market is my final project for a course I'm taking in web programming.

Further Reading:

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Norman Richey

Is my current step-dad. He's a cool guy. From Malone, NY. Still coaching as a retiree but worked most of his life as a marriage/family counselor. Good guy to have on the team. He has AFib. He was in the Air Force. And the seminary...

Further Reading:
Beverly Shoenberger

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