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“Do y’all ever catch on to something and know IMMEDIATELY, 'yup. This is EXACTLY how I’ll be wasting my time for the foreseeable future' ?”

Welcome to Mr. Rivers' Neighborhood. Thanks for joining the fun. Since you may have some questions about how the app works, here are some FAQ, tips and chat etiquette to help you get started:

Yes, that really is me. I created this app as an assignment for my CS50w course. I’m continually updating the code to add and adjust features. Chaos often ensues.

The chat is a chill conversation with lots of interesting people. Everyone is welcome to jump in at any time.

Remember, this isn't a Q&A. I’m a participant in the conversation, not the subject of it. Please don’t bombard me with questions or requests. Over time, we'll be sure to get to know each other.

The app will reset daily, often more than once. This will cause all comments to disappear, and the automated welcome message will appear at the top of each channel.

New users will be limited to commenting in the “welcome” channel for a period of two days.

It’s easier for me to read messages when they end in punctuation. Messages that do not end in punctuation will result in a pop-up reminder for you to edit your message.

I like it when the chat is calm. Messages that include profanity or exclamation points will result in a pop-up reminder for you to edit your message.

I prefer it when you use words to describe your thoughts and feelings. Messages that include emojis will result in a pop-up reminder for you to edit your message with words. Most web acronyms and abbreviations will not populate when your message posts in the chat, but they will not trigger a pop-up reminder.

Anonymous browsing is permitted, but you must be a registered user and logged in to comment. If you’re not able to see the comment box at the bottom of each channel, you are not logged in.

The app supports multiple languages and alphabets.

Clicking on a user’s name will tag them in a response.

Double-clicking on a user's name will take you to their profile page.

If you’re having trouble logging in or posting comments, don’t assume you’ve been blocked or banned. Sorry, I suck and sometimes I mess up the code. Have someone tag me in the chat and I’ll do my best to fix it.

Creating and Navigating Channels

To create a channel, type the name of the channel in the text box labeled “create a new channel.”

Only the most recent 150 messages in a channel are displayed.

Channels will disappear if inactive after four hours.

Navigating to a channel will automatically take you to the most recent message in that channel.

A blue box will appear on a channel’s tab when a new chat is posted in that channel. It will turn grey when all chats in a channel have been viewed.

Sometimes more channels will exist than appear on screen. Navigating to these channels differs by type of device.

On mobile: swipe horizontally on the channels bar (a scrollbar will appear once you swipe).

On desktop: click a channel, then use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate.

Full Google doc with updates here.

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A style of karate. I studied it when I was in my early twenties because of Takashi, somebody I met in LACC in typing class, and he roped me into taking karate with him. I took it for a year and a half. I think I reached Blue belt, or Blue with a yellow stripe; which is advanced enough that you would think you could fight, but not advanced enough that you could avoid getting your a** kicked.

It's pretty hardcore.

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Sea Opera

In late 2010, I recorded demos with Shawn Everett. For 2 songs I quickly brainstormed concepts to help me flesh out lyrics.

One concept featured a fictional band called "The Roaches". At 1:48 in the teaser video you can hear narration about the "old rock band The Roaches". They would have been stand-ins for Weezer themselves. A similar idea would eventually be used for the fictional band The Astronauts from Everything Will Be Alright in the End. Rock And Roll Cockroach (repurposed into Beginning Of The End)

The other one - Ballad of the Briny (repurposed for "Blue Dream" on Van Weezer): A sailor called Mortimer Collins falls in love with a woman at a brothel he visited. He brings her aboard the Resolution ship, but he catches Captain Buttress having sex with her. Mortimer stays the remainder of the night on the deck of the ship, then at sunrise jumps overboard. Drowning to death as he happily hallucinates amongst sea creatures.

There is no "Sea Opera". Rather, these songs were recorded for inclusion on a 5 song EP that was never released. The tracklist for the unreleased EP is as follows:

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