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Demo by Weezer
Recorded 2007/2008
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
Status demo circulating

"Softies" is a song written by Rivers Cuomo in 2007 as a song in contention for Weezer's planned sixth album, which would eventually become The Red Album in 2008. It eventually saw release via the demo storefront.


The song was featured on The 4 and 5 Star Demos of Rivers Cuomo spreadsheet and was designated for Alone II four months before its release. It did not make the final track list of The Red Album or Alone II. It is speculated that "Softies" and all of the 2008 spreadsheet entries were conceived or retooled after Geffen wanted more commercial material on The Red Album. "Softies" is listed on several of the hand-written song lists featured in the booklet for the deluxe edition of The Red Album along with "I Don't Want to Let You Go" and "This Is the Way".

In early 2009, a Wikipedia page for the song was created by a user named "Gefred7112", which included information suggesting "Softies" would be the lead single for "Album Seven". An Albumsix user Facebook messaged Scott Shriner about the page, and the response was "uhhhhh....wait and see?". After heated debates among the fans whether the information on Wikipedia was real or not, Albumsix user PKMN Trainer Red revealed that he was "Gefred7112" and that the wiki page was a prank.

"Softies" was ultimately not released on Weezer's 2009 album Raditude. The song went unheard fans until it was leaked online in November 2020.



My girl would never cheat on me
She could never stand to see me leave
Nor I, 'cause I've got to have her
The years are going by each day
And still we're hurting
Yeah yeah, we're undeserving of the sun that lights the way
I got to get some space
You hate to see my face
We never learned to share the feelings deep inside
We hide and we're lashing out
I don't think I could live without your love
I'm overboard and I can't take this any more


They say that fate will have its way
There's nothing we can do or say
You move on and you try to grow up
I'm so afraid to make a move
And I know that it's the same with you
We need help and we need some tender care
We both are softies in our core
But we don't want to try anymore
It's gone bad and we'll never get it back
It's just a matter of time
It's just a matter of finding how to drop the axe
Now my people want to dance, and move on

There is no other MC like me
I come from a distinguished family
And they're all hanging out with me
And if you look hard you'll be able to see that I'm down
Like a French pomade
In your hair, you'll be able to get laid
I'm so bad. A fad is what I am not
I cling to your ears like your nose has got socks
And your (What?)
Can I get some help from the fellas (No!)
Can I get some help from the ladies (No!)
Can I get some (No!)
Can I get some (No!)
Can I get some help with my right thumb (No!)
Gimme money
Oh, gimme money, money
Gimme money, oh, gimme money, money
Gimme money, ah, gimme money, money
Gimme money, ah, gimme money, money


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