Street Life

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"Street Life"
Demo by Zoom
Album Zoom (demo)
Recorded late 1989 or early 1990 in Los Angeles, CA
Length 4:13
Status circulating

"Street Life" is a song by Zoom (née Avant Garde).


"Street Life" was recorded by Zoom in late 1989 or early 1990 at a studio in Los Angeles, as part of a two-song demo that also included the song "Power Talk", a few months prior to the band's dissolution. According to the Recording History, a live recording of the song is known to exist. The song was mentioned in a Rolling Stone article from August of 2019:

We’re listening to his heavy chugging on Zoom’s “Street Life,” with piercing vocals from his school friend Kevin Ridel. Cuomo grins, picks up an acoustic guitar (a compact Ed Sheeran signature model, for some reason), and riffs along, chuckling when the song shifts into an oddball funk feel in the verses.


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