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[edit] Template documentation

The Wiki3 template allows users to generate external links to Wikipedia articles without having to copy and paste an entire Wikipedia url. It also adds a superscore "w" to the end of the url to clarify that the link will be taking the user off of Weezerpedia.

External links on Weezerpedia

First a little primer on external links. You can generate a link to an external website by placing brackets (i.e. [ ] ) around that link. Check it out:


Gives you a link to the "Tour" page of Weezer's website: [1].

You can "name" that link by adding a space after the url, and then typing whatever words you want to display afterward. That looks like:

[https://weezer.com/tour The "Tour" page of Weezer's website]

Which gives you: The "Tour" page of Weezer's website.

If you wanted to display the url itself, merely type it twice, separated by a space, within the brackets:

[https://weezer.com/tour https://weezer.com/tour]

This gives you: https://weezer.com/tour.


This template takes advantage of the fact that every Wikipedia page has a unique url. It merely places whatever the Wikipedia article's name is at the end of the following text:


You can substitute any Wikipedia page name at the end of that url - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madonna, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baseball, etc. This is - more or less - how Google Chrome and Firefox allow you to search Wikipedia through their normal browser search bar.

The Wiki3 template is a shortcut to creating that url, by filling in the blank of the page name.

When you type:


You get a "named" external link to the Wikipedia article for Weezer. The word "Weezer" is placed in two spots: one to complete the url, and one to tell the wiki what to "name" the link. All of this is followed by a superscore "W".


It's the same thing as if you typed:

[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weezer Weezer]<sup>[w]</sup>


See also

  • Template:Wiki - a template that does almost the same exact thing, but it's a little harder to "name" links, and there's no superscore "w".
  • Template:Wiki2 - same as above, but it's easier to "name" links.