The Great Bank Robbery

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"The Great Bank Robbery"
The Great Bank Robbery cover
Album track by The Rentals
Album Seven More Minutes
Released 1999
Format CD
Recorded Matrix Studios (London), Drive By Studios (Los Angeles)
Length 6:41
Label Maverick
Writer(s) Matt Sharp
Producer(s) The Rentals
Status Officially released
Seven More Minutes track listing
"Jumping Around"
"The Great Bank Robbery"

"The Great Bank Robbery" is a song by The Rentals. It was released exclusively as a bonus track on the Japanese version of the band's 1999 album Seven More Minutes.


"The Great Bank Robbery" is an acoustic track. An instrumental version of the song appeared on the compilation Little Russell Street.



Here's a story of a bank I robbed
And how we nearly pulled a fast one on
I got me a posse and we made a plan
It seemed foolproof; I hope you understand

Well, we walked through the door in the broad daylight
And the other men distracted when the time was right
We blew the safe open and I grabbed the stash
With our guns out blasting we made a dash

Security was loose, yeah, and everybody watched
Took off fast, running from the cops

The great bank robbery
Is always what I dreamed
The great bank robbery
What a robbery

Well, it seems they caught on to our path,
So we started heading for the old train tracks
As the coppers started gaining, my posse slipped away
I got caught and put in prison that very day

I got locked up, yeah, and everybody watched
I lost my breath after running from the cops

The bank robbery
Didn't turn out how I dreamed
The great bank robbery
What a robbery

Well, I soon found out that I'd been set up
And my posse made a deal with the fuzz
But I hid some money by the old train tracks
And when I get out I'm gonna get it back

When I got out, yeah, nobody watched
I caught my breath after running nonstop

The bank robbery
Is not just what it seems
The great bank robbery
What a robbery

The great bank robbery
The great bank robbery
The great bank robbery

(Well, that's how the story goes)

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