The Interrupters

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The Interrupters
The Interrupters' current lineup, left to right:
Jesse Bivona, Kevin Bivona, Aimee Allen, Justin Bivona
Background information
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Years active 2011 – present
Genre(s) Ska punk
Label(s) Pirates Press Records (2011-2013)
Hellcat/Epitaph (2014-present)
Current Members
Aimee Allen
Kevin Bivona
Justin Bivona
Jesse Bivona

The Interrupters are an American ska punk from Los Angeles, California.


The Interrupters formed in 2011 after Aimee Allen and Kevin Bivona, who had been writing songs together, brought on Bivona's twin brothers Justin Bivona and Jesse Bivona.


  • The Interrupters (2014)
  • Say It Out Loud (2016)
  • Fight the Good Fight (2018)

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