Up in Arms Music interview with Ozma - September 2002

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Original article (archived by Wayback Machine): https://web.archive.org/web/20030203054803/http://www.upinarmsmusic.com:80/cheapcdreviews/ozmainterview.html

September 2002 Interview with Ozma.

CCDR: How has this year's Warped Tour? Did you make any new friends?

OZMA: we didnt exactly fit in musically, but we had a great time on the tour and made some good friends. it was an interesting challenge.

CCDR: What has been the defining point in Ozma's existence?

OZMA: touring for the first time, putting out our first record... there are many defining points...

CCDR: Did touring with Weezer give you any major label attention? How did you eventually sign to Kung Fu Records?

OZMA: the tour with weezer did help spark some major label interest. we ended up signing to kung fu because they were the best option for having our record in stores immediately.

CCDR: Which songs are the most popular with fans live?

OZMA: if i only had a heart, domino effect, you know the story, battlescars, 1988, tetris, eponine, gameover...

CCDR: Are you writing songs yet for a new record?

OZMA: yes. we are talking to producers, recording demos, and finalizing plans to record in nov-dec for release in march 2003.

CCDR: What group or crowd did you grow up in? What music were you exposed to?

OZMA: Weezer, The Beatles, The Cars, Big Country, Smashing Pumpkins, Smile, Hum, Nirvana, The Rentals, Supersport 2000, Lush, Morrissey, Blondie, Snoop Dogg, Chick Corea, Rick Springfield, Cyndi Lauper, Elvis Costello, J.S. Bach, nursery rhymes, Russian folk music, Ben Folds Five, Fountains of Wayne, Teen Heroes, Nerf Herder, Violent Femmes, INXS, Depeche Mode, New Order.

CCDR: Have you ever gotten in such a cat fight with each other that you threatened to call Ozma quits?

OZMA: nope.

CCDR: What is your favorite Natalie Portman movie?

OZMA: the professional.

CCDR: Everyone seems to have their own conception of what rock or punk is about. Having emersed yourself in both scenes, tell me your view on the subjects.

OZMA: can't tell the difference any more. genres and scenes....

CCDR: Whatever happened to Rock and Roll parts 1 and 2?

OZMA: lost in the gary glitter catalog.

CCDR: Have you ever used your rock star status to your advantage?

OZMA: we all managed to get onto the list for the cornelius show in LA thanks to goldenvoice... best show ive seen in a quite a while.

CCDR: Would it be safe to say that Ozma is the coolest rock band in the history of Pasadena?

OZMA: van halen was way cooler.

CCDR: What CD's are in your player right now?

OZMA: nada surf.

CCDR: The kids seem to love Ozma. Tell us your theories why.

OZMA: the kids love linkin park too. who knows why?

CCDR: It's more getting more and more common nowadays to see rappers and pop stars acting on the big screen. Tell us the plotline of the new Ozma flick and why it is much cooler than Britney Spear's Crossroads.

OZMA: it's in the works. quite provincial really.

CCDR: Has Ozma ever told a lie?

OZMA: probably.

CCDR: What question are you asked the most during an interview? Which question do you wish someone would ask?

OZMA: "favorite bands?", "favorite books?"

CCDR: Do you ever listen to your own music for liesure?

OZMA: on occasion.

CCDR: Has anyone ever NOT liked Ozma?

OZMA: hopefully.

CCDR: Do you have any information you would like to show and tell that we might not have gone over? Any words of wisdom for the kids?

OZMA: nope. but thanks for the interview.

FOR MORE INFO ON OZMA VISIT: www.ozmaonline.com

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