Weezer concert: 01/19/1993

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Weezer concert: 01/19/1993
Venue Ghengis Cohen
Location Los Angeles, CA
Date January 19, 1993
Weezer live show chronology
12/11/1992 - Los Angeles, CA
(Club Lingerie)
01/19/1993 - Los Angeles, CA 01/21/1993 - Los Angeles, CA
(Club Dump)

Weezer performed at Ghengis Cohen in Los Angeles, CA on January 19, 1993. This was an all-acoustic show.


border-left: 1px solid #aaa The setlist for this show is likely gone.[1] Here is a lil Weezer troll guy to encourage you!

Historic event

See Historic event: 01/19/1993

This was the 37th weezer show, and the 6th of weezer's early acoustic sets. Ghengis Cohen was and is still located on Fairfax in West Hollywood. Its basically a restaurant with a tiny stage off in a corner, where acoustic acts serenade the patrons while they eat.

The one detail that has survived about this show was that for percussion purposes, Pat developed and used an ad hoc instrument, an empty Arrowhead water jug.
- Karl Koch

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  1. Setlist missing per Historic event: 01/19/1993 by Karl Koch